Which Products Support Local Delivery?

We provide 2 delivery methods: standard delivery and local delivery. The entire logistics process is traceable. The only difference is the delivery speed.

Nuptio has established 2 warehouses in the US. The US east warehouse is located in New Jersey and the US west warehouse is located in California, which can deliver the packages quickly.

However, not all products support local delivery. You can confirm whether the product supports local delivery by using the following steps.

Step 1: Select the item intending to purchase.

For example, select the height and color for the product with multiple variants below:

Step 2: Fill in brief information

In the Estimate shipping box, fill in: Country, Province and Zip code, click: Estimate, and the logistic delivery options shall pop up. The page shall be displayed as follows:

If the page prompted with: Local Delivery, it means the product supports local delivery.

The standard delivery is free, but for Local delivery, a small amount of delivery fee shall be charged. Please visit the logistic policy page for more details.

Currently, only some products support local delivery. We will continue to improve the distribution plan and include more products into the local distribution category in order to fulfill orders more efficiently.

If you need urgent delivery, please contact us before placing an order. After our customer service confirms the item can be delivered on time, you can then place the order. Thank you!

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