As a brand owner and the consolidator of the whole supply chain, Nuptio outperforms other suppliers and traders in the cost performance and services in low order quantity wholesales.

Below clearly shows you out strengths:


Ordinary Trading Companies





Lead Time

30-90 Days

2-10 Days

Delivery Flexibility

Low, generally by sea, long duration

Highly flexible. Wide selection of delivery services, short duration

Cost Performance

Good, based on large order quantity

Superior, based on supply chain consolidation


Performed by manufacturer

By Manufacturer + Retails


Not highly responsive to small orders

Specialized in low order quantity wholesales

Purchasing Risk

High, due to potential overstock and occupation of capitals

Low; flexible in order quantity and controllable risk

Based on this flexible business mode, Nuptio do hope to power your businesses in an efficient and flexible way in this changing market.

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