After many years of effort in the home and wedding decorative accents, Nuptio has launched plentiful popular items much loved by users. As we are doing both retail and wholesales, Nuptio’s wholesales business has the unique advantages, as follows:

1. In-Stock. Every product you see at the Nuptio website has stocks, usually ready to ship as quickly as 2-10 days, for your immediate sales;

2. Almost NO MQO Limitation. There is a minimum quantity order of 10 pieces, rather than 500pcs or over required by a trader or manufacturer. This is very affordable and will not take up too much of your funds;

3. Easiest Business Mode. The wholesales will follow the B2C business procedures, leaving out a cumbersome B2B procurement process. Just enjoy the online shopping experience via our online wholesale business.
If you are: an offline/online store owner, decoration business, wedding planner, designer or distributor of wedding decorative accents, Nuptio will be your best business cooperator choice.

I. How to Register a Wholesales Account

1. Nuptio is privileged to have your subscription. The Subscribe section is shown at the Web Navigations at page bottom, as below:

To subscribe, type in your e-mail and click subscribe.

2. Next, please write an email to on the subject of “Wholesales Cooperation.” It is suggested to include the following information:

A. Brief company introduction, including markets, sales channels (such as online or offline), and business volume, if possible;

B. Business License (if you are a company) and contact information;

C. Products you are interested in.

3. Acquire your exclusive Discount Code. When Nuptio receives your email, we will reply to you promptly. Based on our correspondences, we will provide you with the exclusive wholesales discount code to your email.
With the exclusive discount code, you now own the wholesale account. When you place the order, enter the discount code, and you will enjoy the wholesale discount!

II. Points for Attention

For the first time cooperation, the wholesale discount offered by us may not be good enough. Based on further cooperation, the discount rate will be adjusted depending on your order volumes. For the initial cooperation, please note that:

1. The existing discount codes and the wholesale discount code might not be effective at the same time. That means you can only use one type of discount code;

2. Normally, standard delivery is applied to free freight. If you need fast delivery, please choose the DHL/FedEx delivery service, yet please note that this requires an additional charge;

3. If you need to check product quality, you may contact to buy a sample before you place a large order;

4. Overhigh transaction sales may cause payment failed, and in such case, please contact us to divide it into several payments;

5. Nuptio is looking forwards to a long partnership with you. If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us via