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Most candle types will require that you have a candle holder set to keep them in position. Most candles that need candle holders include taper, tealight, and more. Sometimes, you may find that you do not have additional candle holders, but you have to light more candles; what would you do? Also, you could want something different from what you own as a candle set.

In both cases, it is possible to use a DIY candle holder set or repurpose some of the stuff and supplies you have in the house to create a candle holder set. Below are ideas on what you can use as a candle holder set.

Wooden Logs

wood candle holder set

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Making the candle holder set from wood logs may seem challenging, but it is possible. To the surprise of many, they can be done in no time since the wooden logs are easy to carve into a shape they like.

Even if you are still trying to figure out how to do it, you can still get premade options in the market. People like them for offering a rustic and farmhouse style in their homes. Place them on the fireplace mantel or any other place to see how well they work as a candle holder set.

Sculptured Pots

creative bird candle holder for table decor

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You may also find sculptured clay pots to hold your candles. It depends on the design you are going for but be sure to find several clay pots that can work as a candle holder set.

Look at the size to determine which candle to use it with. We often find such designs work best with tealight candles. So, if you are in the market for a tealight candle holder, this can be a good start.

Concrete Candle Holders

Concrete Candle Holders

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Concrete allows you to model it into a shape that would work great as a candle holder set. This can work great if you want to do a fun DIY candle holder project.

Start by working on your molds as they help shape the candle holder just as you want. So, you can always have something stylish rather than boring candle holders.

Give the concrete in the mold enough time to dry and take it out for decorating around the house.


Saucers as candle holder set

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You may have several saucers or small dishes around the house. Yes, such utensils can be good for working as a candle holder. That is why you always want to get a pretty saucer to use as a candle holder.

Let the candle drip a bit of wax onto the saucer and stick it into the wax. This largely helps to secure the candle in the saucer. Then, add other ornaments on the same saucer to ensure you get more aesthetics from the candle holder, making it look good.

Do the same thing if you are going to work with small dishes.

Glass Vases

glass vase for candle holder

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If you have several glass vases to hold flowers, they are the perfect choice for holding candles. Such a candle holder set will look as if it was meant to look like that. No one would know it is a vase meant for flowers.

It depends on the size of the vase, its mouth opening, its height, and more. Let us say you want to use it for tealight candles; opt for a cylindrical glass vase and then fill it with enough water first. All you now need to do is add the tealight candle at the top of the water and light it. It will definitely look like the perfect candle holder set you have always wanted.

Water Glasses

water glasses candle holder set

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Sometimes when you lack a candle holder set, you realize you can use many other options around the house. That is how people end up using water glasses as their candle holders.

The trick is to work with the size of the candle. Water glass works well with votives, tealight, and pillar candles. Simply insert the candle into the glass and light it.

Consider decorating the glass beads and other materials to make the glass candle holder look good.

Spoon Candle Holder

Spoon Candle Holder

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You may have several plastic spoons in your house. This is a common thing for those who like takeouts. You know what? Such spoons can make a candle holder, so you have a unique DIY candle holder set.

Glue the spoons together, as shown in the image above, to form a candle holder. You would find them good enough for tealight candles. Still, you can use them with other types of candles. So long as it fits, it becomes its rightful candle holder for you to use it.

Whisk Candle Holders

Whisk Candle Holders Set

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If you are interested in hanging candle holders, use this option. All you have to do is grab some of those whisks in the kitchen and hang them. This allows you to have a candle holder set.

Simply insert a few tealight candles in the whisks, and you should have all the best decorative tealight candle holders in the kitchen.

Seashell Candle Holder Set

Seashell Candle Holder Set

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Most people who take frequent trips to the beach would also consider turning those seashells into a candle holder. It is the same thing we did with the plastic spoons mentioned above. Arrange them to allow you to have a candle in the middle.

This time around, create enough space in the middle of the shells to house a bigger pillar candle. You can always put up as many shells as possible in different patterns to create a unique candle holder.


There are many ways that you can achieve a DIY candle holder or simply repurpose what you already have in the house. Others would take even tin cans, poke holes in them and then have a candle holder. That is the good thing with candle holders; you can easily make them out of different things. If you enjoy DIY things, this can be a way of showing your talent.

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