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You have just bought yourself pillar candles, and you are ready to set them up in different spaces around the house. However, you are not sure if the pillar candles need a candle holder. It is intriguing if you should get a tray for candles to help in holding the candles.

Pillar candles are designed to stand on their own without much of a problem. This is unlike the taper candles that would largely need a candle holder. That being said, some pillar candles can be messy as they burn. That is why the tray for candles would be necessary to keep the pillar candles from dripping wax on different surfaces as they burn.

How To Secure Pillar Candles?

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Securing your pillar candles on a tray for candles or candle holders is necessary for obvious reasons of containing the wax. However, there can be many other reasons. We look at how best to secure or hold the pillar candles.

Pillar Candle Holders

A tray for candles seems fun to own, but most people might already have pillar candle holders.

Unlike a tray for candles, the pillar candle holders are designed to hold the pillar candles with ease without worrying it will fall over. Most candle holders meant for pillar candles have the size dialed in. This creates a secure setting that keeps the pillar candles from falling.

Candle Sconces

The tray for candles is less popular than the use of candle sconces. The use of wall sconces has been around for centuries, and it is not something going out of style. The good thing about candle sconces, as opposed to a tray for candles, is that they are popular and have multiple designs.

Most suppliers will have a wide range of designs for candle sconces so that you can find the right option to match your decor. Make sure you buy one meant for candle pillars since there will be many designs.

Lanterns & Hurricane

Depending on where you plan to install the pillar candles, sometimes it is better to choose lanterns or hurricane candle holders than a tray for candles. This largely works for outdoor settings.

The lanterns will have a glass covering vital for protecting the candles from the draft, which would otherwise make the candle be used up too fast.

The lantern style has also been part of the candle culture for a long time. This would make someone find them in different designs that suit their needs. Go for such candle holders if you want a rustic look.

Candle Dishes & Trays

You may learn about candle dishes or a tray for candles for the first time from here. However, they have been around for a while, providing you with a space to put your pillar candles and keep them from messing other surfaces.

That is one of many reasons why a tray for candles looks great. It depends on what you are buying. With proper research, it is possible to get high-quality and beautiful candle dishes and trays. So, it will still be a great aesthetic addition to a room.

Tips For Keeping Pillar Candles From Making Messes

If you are going to get trays for pillar candles, it means that you would also like to keep the mess caused by candles to a minimum. What else can you do to keep the pillar candles from making more mess?

  • The first thing would be to buy drip-free candles. This ensures that you do not get all the mess all the time. Still, you can dip the candles in a strong salt water solution to help the candles stop dripping.
  • The other option is how you store the candles. We recommend storing them in a freezer, so the wax does not drip easily the next time you light them.
  • Make sure also to clean the candleholders. You could rub some olive oil at the bottom of the candle holder before lighting the candle. In case of a wax spill, it will be easy to remove it.
  • You can also easily clean the spilled wax by running hot water over the candle tray. Once the heat melts the wax, wipe it away with a clean cloth.

Pillar Candles Tray Ideas

If using a tray for candles sounds like something you want to try, here are a few ideas to consider.

Nuptio Mirrored Ornated Decorative Tray

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This is a good tray for candles and other applications. The mirrored display makes it good for different applications in the home. This includes holding your jewelry, makeup, perfumes, and more. We also see other people using it to serve drinks or cakes, since it can impress the guests.

Nuptio Decorative Tray With Crystals

decorative tray with crystal for candles and cake


This tray for candles can be a great pick for holding pillar candles. Many will like it for its stunning look that works well for different uses. So, other than using it for holding pillar candles, the same works for holding hand towels in a bathroom or serving guests. Its size makes it easier to also work as an organizer in different rooms still. We can recommend it as a gift for birthdays, mother’s day, or weddings.

Nuptio Mirrored Tray And Organizer

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It is easy to go right with a Nuptio tray for candles like this one. It can be the best product for those who want creative gifts. We find it ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other special events. You are likely to enjoy using it as an organizer also, in addition to being a candle holder.


There will always be many places you can place the candle holder. We do recommend considering the candle holders and trays for candles too. They can do a good job of keeping the wax contained and still offer a great display. The candle trays would also be good for versatility as people use them for serving drinks, makeup storage, and other uses.

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