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The first time you saw a rose in glass dome was probably in a Disney movie. Ever since, the rose in glass dome art piece has been used in different variations of the Beauty and the Beast movies. However, what does it mean? Should you get a galaxy rose in glass dome for your home too?

Where It All Began

It is key to note that the rose in glass dome featured in the Beauty and the Beast movies goes back to when Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve wrote the classic tale. The story easily became a favorite for children, so Disney could not get enough of making such movies.

The Beauty and the Beast movies are all about romance. We are introduced to a young man turned into a terrifying beast by a witch. The only way to break the spell is by finding his true love at age 21. However, it seems quite hard considering his appearance. Now we are introduced to the rose in glass dome where the curse is tied to it.

When the rose in glass dome is affected by the curse, its petals fall and further vanish. As his 21st birthday approaches, it seems like the flower remains dead even more. Luckily, Bella ends up falling in love with the Beast, which helps him to regain his appearance. At this point, the rose in glass dome regains its beauty.

Rose In Glass Dome Symbolism

Understanding what rose in glass dome is important to understanding the story. We see that it means beautiful and docile love. It is a form of pure love that represents life's beauty and symbolizes eternal love. That is why you may commonly find couples gifting each other a galaxy rose in a glass dome to show affection to each other.

The story also has a happy ending showing the magic of the rose in glass dome and why it now remains a common and special gift for those you love.

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Why Use Rose In Glass Dome As A Gift

When you shop online for special gifts to give someone you love, it is possible to come across a galaxy rose in glass dome as an option. However, why is that the case?

This type of gift already symbolizes eternal love. For this reason, you will be sure it will be a good option for you to consider. The best part is how the rose can remain looking good over time and will not wither.

You will come across many variations of rose in glass dome in addition to using a galaxy rose. Some now even have fairy lights, which aim to illuminate the dome and make the rose look more beautiful. You may get others with additional patterns on the glass dome to enhance the aesthetics.

So, how does the rose in glass dome remain looking fresh and natural for years? A lot goes into preserving a galaxy rose to ensure it always looks good. A good example is to use the freeze-drying process to ensure it maintains a fresh look, even if it is several years later.

When it is preserved, it does not mean you should not maintain it to keep it looking good. It is advisable not to expose the galaxy rose to direct sunlight. Also, make sure that you protect it from environmental humidity.

Who Should Get The Rose In Glass Dome

We already know that a rose is a symbol of love. So, who should receive a galaxy rose put in a rose dome? We recommend giving it to your wife, fiancee, daughter, or sisters.

Giving it to your fiancee shows that you want to share eternal love with her, and it comes out as one of the best love letters.

You may also want to congratulate your wife on an anniversary with a galaxy rose in a dome. You can easily combine them with other gifts to show how much you love her.

Your daughter can also be part of those who receive the perfect gift of true love from her parents. The galaxy flower can be a nice addition if you buy additional Disney movie accessories.

A rose in glass dome can also be a special event for your sisters, such as birthdays. This is the best way to keep showing how you love them as a family and cherish everything you have had together?


We can see that having a rose in glass dome is a great way of showing eternal love toward someone you care for and love. The good thing is how you can easily get such gifts so that you can always gift that special someone. You can even consider doing it yourself by checking out YouTube videos to give it a personal touch too.

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