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Mexican weddings are largely known for being full of color and fun. That is why you would want to attend when you know your Mexican friend is getting married. Mexican wedding decorations are out of this world. They want you to enjoy every bit of the wedding, including the decoration. That is what we want to see also here. We highlight more Mexican wedding decoration ideas you may want to consider.

Tequila Bottles Display

Tequila Bottles Display

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It is not a Mexican wedding with no drinks like Tequila. For this reason, consider seeing the best display of tequila shots or bottles as part of the Mexican wedding decorations.

One way to make the tequila stand out would be to pair them with creative cards with a Mexican theme indicating who is supposed to take which drink. This puts them in a celebratory mood and ready to have a good time.

People may like the idea of having a shot or two before the wedding to calm down their nerves.

Papel Picado Banners

Papel Picado Banners for Wedding Venue

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When attending a Mexican wedding, you are likely to find Papel Picado banners everywhere where the wedding is set up. You may also want to consider it if you want Mexican wedding decorations.

Papel Picado is considered Mexican folk art, so it is not something you would miss. It is amazing how it is made. The banners are made using tissue paper with intricate designs chiseled into them.

These banners would be available in different colors and designs. They are often designed to align with your personality, liking, and much more.

The Papel Picado will be a great outdoor decoration during the wedding day. They are also great for an evening setup when paired with twinkle lights.

Colorful Maracas

colorful maracas for wedding decoration

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We have already mentioned how Mexican weddings are full of colors. That is right; the Maracas make it all happen. They are known for making your venue look colorful and beautiful in every way possible.

They are also decorated in a way that works with the music playing in the background. In this case, it is Mariachi.

We tend to see the Maracas placed on different seats at wedding ceremonies. They will come in handy once you have taken your vows and now walking down the aisle as married. Your family members will shake them as a sign of love and congratulations.

Flower Centerpieces

flower centerpieces for Mexican wedding decorations

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Another place you would have to include Mexican wedding decorations would be the flower centerpieces. Flowers are highly unlikely to miss in any wedding setup, even if it is Mexican-themed.

Even though we are used to a certain look for wedding flowers, there is also a chance of having Mexican-themed flower centerpieces too. One way to achieve this would be to use customized Papel Picados on the flower arrangements. Most people will like how the flowers blend with other Mexican wedding decorations at the venue.

Traditional Candy

traditional candy for Mexican wedding decorations

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Kids love candy, and it is the same for adults. Believe it or not, it can be one of the best additions to your Mexican wedding decorations. In this case, it is not just any candy; it has to be Mexican-themed to ensure you always get as much authenticity as possible.

These sweet treats should be placed on different tables around the wedding venue. The idea is to ensure that people can chew on something as the wedding goes on.

Some common candy options to keep in mind are Vero mangos, Pulparindos, and Rellerindos. They are loved for their sweet and spicy flavors.

The churros are also a great pick for those who want something that feels warm for the guests.

Mexican Themed Cake

Mexican themed wedding cake

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Even the Mexican wedding decorations will be complete with a cake. Being a wedding, it is only right to have the cake. As much as the other Mexican wedding decorations will be good, the cake still has to stand out as part of the reception.

You will mostly like how good the cake looks together with other Mexican wedding decorations. As always, expect it to be more colorful than you get with a traditional wedding cake in shops.

Candle Trays

decorative gold mirror candle tray

Not many people might be thinking of candle trays when they are considering Mexican wedding decorations. Of course, candles could also use a nice holder to keep them in one place during the ceremony. So, you can also consider candle trays rather than the usual Mexican wedding decorations and candle holders.

The good thing about Nuptio candle trays should be how versatile they can be. This means you would still use the same for serving drinks, holding paper towels, and other applications.

Pinata Favors

Pinata Favors for wedding

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Another way you would want to experience Mexican wedding decorations is by considering the pinatas. For a long time, pinatas have remained a fun way of smashing fun things in life.

You might have been used to cutting the cake as the tradition, but this would also be an alternative. Of course, there can still be a cake-cutting ceremony to make it easier for those who still want cake.

Such Mexican wedding decorations are also good for relieving stress and tension in case they have been experiencing it at the ceremony. So, other than filling them with the usual candy, they can still be filled with small liquor bottles and others depending on what the guests will like.


You might generally like how Mexican wedding decorations when you see them. Well, who would not like how colorful they are? It is because of such colorfulness that you would generally like these decorations. There is so much more to explore when it comes to Mexican weddings. However, all the above decorations should get you going for now, and have a fun day.

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