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Many people are often surprised by how good it is to use trays for decorating their homes. When you hear the word tray, most of the time, you would associate it with food and drinks. Nevertheless, having a dining table centerpiece tray with the right decorations makes sense.

Trays are generally good to be used in different rooms. However, we would like to focus more on its use on a dining table to understand how best you would use it in a dining room.

How To Use A Dining Table Centerpiece Tray

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The dining table is generally welcoming, so you may want the dining table centerpiece tray to reflect a warm welcome. How would you achieve it? Here are ideas on getting started.


We find a dining table centerpiece tray to be quite versatile. This is because of how well it can work with candles. Yes, you can use it as a candle holder, making it easy to set the mood or illuminate the dining room.

Working as a candle holder means it should work well with different candle types. Due to their stability, we often find them a good pick for holding pillar candles. You could still use tealight candles and other dining room centerpieces you have in mind.

Wine Bottles

Do you enjoy wine from time to time as you eat? Why not have a bottle or two close by if that is the case? A dining table centerpiece tray should make it easier to organize your wine bottles on the dining table. Do not forget your wine glasses too.

Pitchers And Glasses

It can be the glasses to drink some wine as mentioned above and for drinking water too. That is why you need pitchers full of drinking water most of the time on a dining table centerpiece tray. This makes it easier for you to have some water while eating rather than having to leave the dining table.


You may enjoy having some fruits in addition to snacks. Some people like eating them before or after their meals. Having a few fruits such as oranges, mangoes, berries, and more in a dining table centerpiece tray can often be good. You would have an easier time enjoying the fruits.


As part of creating a dining room centerpiece, it is only right to keep the vases. You can have vases filled with different flowers that make you enjoy the dining space. You should use a dining table centerpiece tray to make it easier to move around or group the vases with other centerpieces.

You would still want to keep the flowers fresh. This means replacing them often or changing the water in the vases.

Depending on the type of vase, you could still use it as a candle holder for the dining room.

Nuts And Snacks

Maybe you are waiting for the food to be served or still having a casual conversation with someone. The nuts and other snacks on the dining table centerpiece tray can ensure you can still have a good time. No one would not want to enjoy a bit of snack while waiting for their meal.

Salt And Pepper Shakers

We all enjoy having food that tastes just right. That might mean adding more salt, pepper, and more. People dining at the table would want easy access to them, and thus the reason you can always store them in a dining table centerpiece tray.


When you need to wipe your mouth or a bit of a mess on the dining table, you always wish that napkins would be close. The dining table centerpiece tray would be great for holding the napkins, so they are always within reach.

Why You Should Decorate With Trays

dining table centerpiece tray for candle holders

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You might be thinking, are decorating trays necessary? This is because many people might not have always envisioned decorating with trays until they see someone else doing it. Here are a few reasons to have the dining table centerpiece tray.

Creates The Perfect Base

When you want to come up with a centerpiece for your dining table, it would be great to have a base where everything is put together. That will be a dining table centerpiece tray in this case.

The tray allows you to arrange different things, including flowers, candles, snacks, fruits, and more, to create the right centerpiece for the dining table.

Trays Welcome Guests

Guests would love the way you have certain things presented to them. A good example is serving them wine in the dining room. If the guests see the effort put into the presentation, they will be quite happy.

Still, the same trays can have other centerpieces with welcome notes on them. This would make them feel more comfortable around the home.

Dining Table Trays Are Good For Organization

One thing that would drive more people to consider a tray on their dining table is because of how well it helps with organization. You would not have to worry about the table feeling cluttered when there is a tray with everything correctly organized.

People would also want to be in the dining room more often because it feels organized and clean.

Trays Are Affordable

One thing that would make people want to use a dining table centerpiece tray is affordability. You will come across different market options when seeking the best tray to use on a dining table. They largely vary based on design, size, style, and more. Make sure you are getting one that looks good in the dining room.

Some companies will have a proper description of how best to use the trays. This helps you know where best to set up the tray and how to do it to get the most out of it.


The dining table centerpiece tray would make the table look great while remaining functional. We have seen cases where people enjoy the trays as centerpieces and would not change for anything else. You can do the same when you have the dining table tray. Take the time to devise creative ways of using it while making it a centerpiece of the room.

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