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Wedding centerpieces can take different directions, and this includes the use of trees too. It can be fully grown trees in a field or miniature trees placed on a table to create tree wedding centerpieces. Still, as part of the centerpiece, you can include other decorations to help complete the look.

It is possible you have not used tree wedding centerpieces before. For that reason, we share with you a few ways to achieve it and make the wedding centerpieces look good.

Tall And Short Centerpieces

tall tree wedding centerpieces

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In addition to having tree wedding centerpieces, you can also combine them with lush flowers. So, you have a tall tree standing out, and then its bottom is covered in greenery and flowers. Make sure to get a tree that offers plenty of leaves so that it looks good for that ultimate centerpiece you need.

Palms For Beach Weddings

palms tree wedding centerpieces

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If you plan on having a beach wedding, consider getting yourself the palm trees. They are good at bringing the beach inside the reception area and making bold statements. This is when paired with wooden chairs, which now offer coastal vibes to the guests attending the wedding.

Pomp And Color

tree wedding centerpieces with colorful pomp

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One thing you should never have to compromise on while decorating for a wedding is color. Make sure you have fun with it, even when using tree wedding centerpieces. We recommend you opt for trees with large leaves for such an application. Then, add flowers to the green tree to bring out as much color as possible.

Artificial Wedding Trees

Artificial Wedding Trees

Another way of using tree wedding centerpieces would be to consider the Nuptio artificial trees for wedding decorations. Being an artificial tree makes it easier to use it with different decorations for your wedding. You can always style it with LED lights, blooms, and so much more. The best part is that you can still use the same tree for other events, such as theme parties.

White Blooms and Greenery

white blooms and greenery tree wedding centerpieces

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Weddings look good in white, so you can also consider trying out the white blooms. They will make a statement by being part of the tree wedding centerpieces to consider. That is not all, as you can still use plenty of moss at the bottom of the tree. Make sure to include candles too to make the wedding table decoration complete.

Romance Meets Organic

tree centerpieces for wedding

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When it seems hard to get a whole miniature tree to use as tree wedding centerpieces, you could simply consider taking a few branches from the same tree and creating your own tree in a vase. Go for a rustic look, as shown in the image above, and you will like how good it looks. That is not all, as you can add floral ascents in different vases, and the wedding centerpiece should look good.

Mediterranean Inspired

tree wedding centerpieces with candle holders decor

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Anyone attending a wedding with tree wedding centerpieces will always love how good it looks compared to where they are using the usual wedding decorations. For this case, get a potted tree with a Mediterranean look. Do not forget to add a few blooms too. You now have a contrasting look and height that generally fits most weddings. That is how you would get more people to enjoy your wedding setup.

Cherry Blossom Decoration

cherry blossom decoration for wedding centerpiece

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When you are looking for a sweet yet simple decoration, consider getting this setup. It may not feature actual tree wedding centerpieces, but it is still good enough to pass as one. We recommend using mature cherry blossom tree branches so that it looks the part. Make sure to put them into the water so that they remain looking fresh all the time.

Wisteria Wow Effect

wisteria tree wedding centerpieces

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Wisteria tree wedding centerpieces, as their name suggests, would be a great deal also to consider as part of the decoration. We like them for having magical flowers and colors. The most common bloom colors include white, blue, purple, and pink. So, you can always pick the right color to make the wedding look good. Of course, the wedding theme can dictate which color to pick.

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves for wedding table centerpieces

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The color of autumn leaves generally makes a beautiful choice of tree wedding centerpieces. It is usually a combination of several colors that form a fiery look. Adding them to the table would bring the outdoors inside, especially for those who want to have an Autumn wedding and get to experience it all.

Small Is Still Better

small tree wedding centerpieces

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When you say using tree wedding centerpieces, most people think it always has to be a big tree. However, that does not have to be the situation. You can still use smaller and shorter potted trees as the table centerpiece. Make sure they are green to stand out better than the flowers next to them. Of course, you can play around with different heights of the wedding tree centerpieces.

Lush Lemons

lemon tree wedding centerpieces

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We understand that having a lemon tree as part of the wedding centerpiece looks different, but not bad. There is something romantic about having the lush lemon tree with fruits hanging as part of the tree wedding centerpieces to consider. The additional splash of yellow color to the environment would make someone enjoy seeing it as part of the wedding decoration.


If it is the first time you are using tree wedding centerpieces, you might be unsure how good it looks once you have it set it up. It is possible to make a great wedding decoration if you take the time to work with the trees. Do not forget to consider using flowers to improve the appearance so that it is not just the plain green color of trees you see on the wedding table. With a successful proper decoration, you might recommend using trees for wedding decor to other people too.

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