What Do You Put in Table Centerpieces at Weddings?

The wedding decoration would be pretty significant, especially for those who want to have a lasting memory of the wedding. To decorate the table, you must get the fitting table centerpiece. So, what would you include in a table centerpiece to make it stand out?

A table centerpiece can have many things going into making them look good. Some of the things you can put in such centerpieces for weddings include:

  • Table linen

The table cloths, runners, napkins, and more can quickly help improve the table centerpiece. Under the table linen options, you have to consider the colors. The top considerations will be neutral colors that can blend with other decorations in the wedding setup already.

  • Candles

The market is filled with several candle types. They can include taper candles, tealight candles, and more. Whichever you opt for, they need to complete the table decoration look. They would suit an evening setting to supplement the other existing light.

  • Place cards

Have you ever seen wedding place cards that you felt the event organizers took their time to ensure you only get the best decoration? As you can see, putting the place cards on the flowers or any other decoration on the table can be a good idea. Of course, creativity in making place cards is highly recommended.

  • Glassware

You might wonder, how do glasses stand out as part of the centerpiece? You should know that each part of the table decoration improves the table's appearance. That is why you are also advised to consider the proper glassware as part of the decoration.

You must ensure that you have different types of glassware based on what you might be serving at the wedding.

  • Wine holders

The wine bottles will not fall easily on a table with a wine holder. It is not just for holding the wine bottle; it can also be suitable for aesthetics. You can check out different wine holders to settle for one that looks good and still delivers an improved centerpiece on the table.

  • Flowers

It is hard to find table centerpieces at a wedding without flowers. You can see how having the best flowers suits a wedding event is vital. A bit of research would help in determining the right flowers. Of course, they can take up a considerable percentage of the wedding budget if you are not careful. Getting flowers close to you can save a lot.

  • Table numbers

It makes sense to have the table numbers too. They do not have to be so evident as you can make them part of the decoration. Please ensure the numbers can also be coordinated with the color scheme to blend into the decor.

9 Top Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Now that you know what can be part of the table centerpiece, it is best to check out a few ideas for table centerpieces below.

Light and greenery

Light and greenery for table centerpiece idea

Let us say you have a family-style reception set up for a wedding. You do not have to maintain it boring when there is a chance of making it stand out with a greenery touch. Other than the green decoration with plants, make sure to add beautiful lighting, such as using candles.

Add trinkets to the setup

Add trinkets to the setup

Maybe one of the couples loved trinkets, or they have a significant meaning; that is where you get the inspiration to add them to the table centerpiece. We have seen weddings where couples would bring their favorite trinkets from home and have them included in the decor. There is no doubt you will end up with something unique.

Fruity table centerpiece

Fruity table centerpiece

This might not be the most common type of centerpiece, but it can also be a good choice. We recommend this for a fall wedding when the apples are readily available. Also, you could use the same for those who need a rustic look at the wedding.

Consider pairing the fresh apples with lush greenery too. Do not forget to set up the additional stationery too.

A tropical and bright approach

A tropical and bright approach for table centerpiece idea

It is an excellent concept for someone who loves colors. It is a wedding, so you should consider embracing as much color as possible.

Going with a tropical display should leave you with a great look for wedding table decor. This type of display will work great if you consider mixing palm leaves, ginger, hibiscus, and torch lily as a few examples. You can choose many other options.

Big candles

Big candles for table centerpiece idea

Candles have always been essential for any table decoration when you want a romantic set up on the tables. Commonly, most people might be a bit conservative in the sense they would be using small candles. However, you can be different by using big candles.

Of course, you have to use even the big candles creatively. This means taking the time to find what other decorations on the table can work with the big candles.

Terrariums table centerpieces

Terrariums table centerpieces

Many expect when they sit at a wedding table, they will only see flowers and other related decorations. However, the table centerpieces do not need to be so predictable. That is why we recommend you get the terrariums as part of the decor on the table.

Like the one listed above, it has gold edges and several succulents. The idea is to give off a desert-inspired wedding theme. You can find other types of centerpieces that serve the same purposes. You need to arrange them correctly.

Fairytale wedding

Fairytale wedding

You might be thinking of getting a fairytale-themed wedding. What better way to finish it off than by using the fairy lights?

Use the fairy lights as part of your centerpieces. It is all about incorporating them correctly, and you should look amazing. We recommend filling the lanterns with these fairy lights, which should look good.

A tropical statement

A tropical statement

It is the second time you are coming across a recommendation to go the tropical way. This is because how such centerpieces generally look good at a wedding.

This time around, we go for the large tropical centerpieces. You can use tall clear vases with lush palm leaves to ensure these centerpieces stand out. When a person gets to such a wedding venue, they would feel it is quite a good setup.

The nautical vibe

The nautical vibe

When coming up with a good wedding setup, you can also look at what the couple does for a living. That is why a nautical wedding theme can also be a thing. The picture above shows how best to incorporate one during the decor setup.

Considering they are tying a knot, it is already a nautical term. Also, we expect such a wedding to have a lot of blue colors here and there to complete the look.


Looking at the various examples of table centerpieces above, we can see it is possible to play around with different settings and have a great table centerpiece. Ensure you watch your budget also since the centerpieces can take up a lot of money. A bit of research is highly recommended to see how best such centerpieces can work for the overall wedding decor.

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