How to Plan Your Wedding Finishing Touches

It is fulfilling as a wedding planner to see that all you had envisioned is now a reality, and the couple getting married would have a good time at it too. However, as much as that is all good, sometimes missing a few things here is possible. That is why we have to consider what makes up the finishing touches when planning a wedding.

Below are a few examples of the finishing touches you should consider as you plan the wedding.

Toilet facilities

When planning for a wedding, you might focus on the seating area, reception, flowers, and many other things and end up forgetting to provide toilet and washroom facilities to your guests.

If you are going to hold the wedding in the ballroom or any other enclosed space, the chances are you will have such facilities already provided. We only recommend that you consider them while holding outdoor weddings.

The first consideration is how much budget you have to work with and if there is a company in the exact location that can provide facilities. Here, you will mainly be dealing with a company that offers portable toilets. It can be the company providing tents also to provide amenities too.

Decorations for finishing touches

Decorations for finishing touches

Decoration imperfections are easy to notice at a wedding. Many people coming to a wedding will be pretty judgy, so expect them to notice if there is a problem with the decoration.

As part of the finishing touches, walk around the venue to see if there is anything that is part of the decoration that needs attention.

Some flowers are not looking as fresh as they should be. If the flowers seem dry, start looking for replacements before the event begins. Some flower vases look out of place or fall over. Make sure they are looking good as part of the finishing touches.

How about the candles? Are they going to hold up until the event is over? This is important to consider because once the candles have all burned out before the event starts, they can have the worst look. Only light the candles when the event is about to start for that perfect look in the photos.

Setting furniture

The wedding furniture will be an essential part of the wedding's final touches. Consider where the bride and groom would be seated. Have they had enough seats, including those for their bridal parties? Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding, the setting of the furniture should always be on point.

If you are doing the final touches, then it means you already have the guest list in mind. The guests should each have a place to sit while at the wedding. We advise that you now counter-check the seating arrangement. This means looking at the place cards and ensuring each guest has a place to sit.

In case some of the furniture is broken, have it replaced as soon as possible. You can also change the tablecloths in case some are now dirty, and the event is not yet underway.

You should also focus on the seats too. Sometimes people work so much on table decorations they miss the chairs. Look at how best you can improve the look of chairs to avoid leaving them blank.

One of the options you can consider for sprucing the look of the chairs is to add mini wreaths and ribbons at the back of the chairs. You should definitely have the chairs now stand out from the rest.

The floor and stages

It is a common tradition to find that the bride and groom would have a dance. When it comes to this, the floor should be correctly staged for the dance. This means having a dancefloor with proper lighting, among other things.

The dancefloor does not have to be for one person alone. You would get that many people would want to join the couple, so have the floor correctly organized to accommodate more people.

You still have to consider how well you are setting the stage for the couple to use to take their vows. The same care and detail should go into the couple's location to enter the wedding grounds. You can see just how crucial such stages are in a wedding.


Lighting for wedding finishing touches

You still have to look at the lighting. One thing about lighting is that it needs to be just the right amount. Many people will not like it when you put too much light on such an event. Also, you can get that having a dim wedding is not the best. You can now see why balance is the right way to go.

Consider the various market options as part of setting up the lighting. You have options such as candles, LED lights, and much more. You can always play around with the LED lights as it helps with providing the right amount of light. The best part is that they are dimmable and can also change colors.

If you like candles, it should not be a problem getting the candle types that work for such occasions. You can still get lanterns and fill them with candles to see how they would look great in the end.

Make sure the lanterns are wiped clean so that you do not have dirty lanterns as part of the wedding decor.

Food and drinks

It is also vital to ensure that food and drinks are delivered. That means communicating with the caterers to ensure they have everything in place to do their jobs.

Sometimes you may have food request changes because of some guests. Ensure that such information is passed along to get the best service on the wedding day.

The drinks, on the other hand, need to be enough, just like the food. You would now have the confirmed number of guests that would be attending. This makes it easier to get yourself the right amount of drinks and food planned for the event.

Entertainment and sound

The sound can easily mess up a good event, even if it is not a wedding. This is when you should check the quality of sound at the wedding venue. Sometimes it might need a bit of tuning to ensure that it works well to give you the best event to enjoy.

Talk to the team providing any other form of entertainment to ensure that they will still do it and include them in the program. There is no need to wait for a team that would not be showing up. It is best even to give the time slot to other people.


In case any payments are remaining, make sure they are also paid as part of the finishing touches. That is why we recommend getting all the bills sorted before the wedding day as per the contract.

An example is when the florist is not paid; then you should not expect fresh flowers on the wedding day.


It is easy to see that you will have a great wedding day once the finishing touches are done correctly. Make sure to prioritize the different wedding sections to have them perfectly done before the wedding day. With a good plan in mind, you should have a beautiful wedding.

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