How Do I Incorporate Greenery Into My Wedding?

People no longer want normal or boring wedding decor when they can do things differently. That is why you might come across different weddings with greenery decorations. So, are they any good, and should you consider using them?

This type of decoration might appeal to some and not so much to others. It all depends on what you like and how best you utilize the plants to come up with the best wedding greenery decor. That is what we look at below. Keep reading to learn more.

What Greenery Goes in a Bridal Bouquet?

It can be quite interesting to see a bride opting for a greenery bridal bouquet rather than the traditional one, which would probably have as many flowers as possible. Most do this because they can still look good with such a bouquet and still keep it budget-friendly.

That being said, what goes into making such a bouquet?

You can adopt many styles for such a bouquet depending on the choice of plants to use in it. Here are a few examples you can use for a greenery bouquet.

  • A combination of silver dollar eucalyptus, blue thistle, true blue, and some succulents brings out an organic but still modern bouquet.
  • Another option is using peace Lilly, monstera, anthurium, palm leaf, and air plants together to come up with a tropical bridal bouquet.
  • If you still want to make it even simpler, just pick a few eucalyptus branches and combine them with a few rosemary branches from a garden, and you should be good to go.
  • Ferns can also come in handy for making the bouquet. Pair them with poppy pods, clematis vine, and amaranth; you now have a contemporary bridal bouquet.
  • A modern green bouquet could also feature hellebores, caladium, viburnum berries, and assorted ferns.

Those are just a few considerations you can make while coming up with a different type and green bouquet for your wedding.

8 Unique Ideas to Incorporate Greenery Into Wedding Décor

Now that you see it is possible to have a different wedding greenery decor than the norm, how best would you do it? Here are some ideas on how to incorporate greenery into the wedding decor.

Give life to the cake

incorporate greenery into wedding cake

Many people love white wedding cakes, but what if you could do it differently this time? The biggest way would be to include some green on the wedding cake. We recommend adding mini pineapple and tropical leaves to bring out a coastal flair to the cake.

If you really want to make it even better, consider using passionfruit, coconut, and pineapple leaves. Quite a crazy idea, but it is still doable for most people.

Add more green to the seats

Add more green to the seats

Seats are often forgotten as part of wedding decoration. Most wedding planners would add some fabric, and that is it. The seats no longer have to be boring when you can use small and beautiful wreaths to adorn them. This should be really great for setting up a lively wedding.

Affix the little green wreaths at the back of the seats to give them a different look than most people expect.

Add green to the drapes

Add green to the drapes

Depending on the wedding location and decor, you can have drapes too on the rafters. It would not be a bad idea to wrap the green plant strands around the rafters and along the drapes to have a green drapey greenery decoration.

Just be careful not to overdo it. Make sure you use it minimally to bring out the beautiful and unique look you have always wanted.

Suspend it on the ceiling

Suspend it on the ceiling

The ceiling can also be a good location to add some green color to it by using plants. In this case, you can always consider palm leaves to create chandeliers made of green branches. This would largely work well also if it is a coastal wedding.

You could still think of other plant branches that can incorporate into the greenery wedding decor better.

Use green centerpieces

Use green centerpieces

It is possible you may have come across different types of centerpieces at weddings. They all seemed to be great with all the flower arrangements. However, pure flower centerpieces can be expensive for most people. That is why you can go green and still have a beautiful centerpiece too.

You can include the branches into the existing flowers or simply have a purely green centerpiece.

In this case, the smell of the branches is very important. We find that if you can get the right branches, you should have a centerpiece that also smells nice.

Decorate the seating chart

Decorate the seating chart

Each table would have a seating chart. Most people will just have a paper with names on it, and that is it. Since it is part of the wedding, make it look good and not an afterthought. That is where mapping out your table seating cards with nice wreaths or branches comes in.

Be minimalist in this case. You do not always have to use so many branches of plants. Sometimes minimal does the job of drawing the guests to their table better.

Add potted plants to the decor

Add potted plants to wedding decor

You do not always have to use branches. There is also the option of using potted plants as part of the greenery decor. These potted plants would help in adding more uniqueness to your wedding decor. An example is using them to direct the guests to where they can sit.

Some of the options would be using mini moss potted plants. They just have a way of making the wedding look great. Also, the containers holding the plants themselves can be a statement. This means you have to choose them correctly.

Cover the entrance

Cover wedding entrance with greenery

As always, the entrance needs to look good generally. Many people often end up just using flowers. What if it was something different this time around? Would it be nice?

Make sure you have some fresh green plants set up at the entrance to welcome you to the grand ceremony and have a good time that day. You could also pair such a greenery decor with lanterns to make it look like walking into an old magical barn.

How Much Is Greenery for a Wedding Table?

budget for wedding greenery table centerpieces

The table could also use greenery centerpieces to make it stand out. However, just how much is enough?

One thing about using green decoration is that it can easily blend into the other colors without a problem. Let us say the fabric covering the table is white and other colors; then the green decoration blends right in.

The biggest factor determining how much green to use is mostly the table size. You should not use too much greenery decoration for a small table. It might feel too crowded and look like a small forest on the table.

We recommend that you only use it in small quantities, like a few branches. You can also consider getting flower vases that brings a different color to the table and still hold the pieces in one place.

Of course, you can always consider diversifying just how many branches of plants you use for decorating the table. Having variety shows there was thought into setting up the wedding decor.


Good wedding decor is all about looking good and being unique. If you feel like going the floral way is too cliche, there is the option of considering greenery as part of the wedding decor. The best part about this method is that it is affordable and would still make good decor for your wedding greenery decor. Use the ideas shared above to get started in decorating the wedding differently.

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