Country Club Wedding Etiquette Tips for Guests

Country club weddings can be a fantastic day of celebration. It’s also an important event where you need to show off your manners and wedding etiquette skills. Whether you’re the maid of honor or just a guest, there are several things you need to keep in mind to show the bride and groom at this event. If you're invited to a wedding at a country club, you might be wondering what kind of etiquette to follow.

Though it may not seem like it, this isn't that different from any other wedding. The best advice to adhere to is to be yourself and be considerate of others. This article will give you extra helpful tips for wedding etiquette at a country club. By following these tips, you can make the most of your time with friends and family on this special day.

12 Tips For Wedding Etiquette At A Country Club for Guests

Here are twelve tips for wedding etiquette at a country club. You can also take some help from the below video.

Do Check Your Attire

You want to dress comfortably, but remember that this is a country club. You don’t want to be too casual, but you also don’t want to be too formal. It’s best to err on the side of caution and dress slightly more formally than you think is necessary. Look for wrinkle-free clothing and avoid anything too tight or revealing. If you’re unsure about what to wear, it’s always better to ask the country club or the bride and groom directly. If you’re wearing jeans, make sure they are dark denim.

Do Review The Dress Code

Do Review The Dress Code

Before attending a country club wedding as a guest, you must review the dress code. The dress code will vary depending on the time of day and the event's formality. It is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, so err on caution.

For men, khaki pants and a button-down shirt are always appropriate. Women should wear dresses with heels just below or above the knee. Men should wear dress shoes, preferably black tie shoes or dark brown lace-up leather shoes.

Do RSVP Promptly

The earlier you can RSVP to a wedding invitation, the better. Not only does it give the hosts a better idea of how many people to expect, but it also allows them to plan accordingly. If you wait too long to RSVP, you may put the hosts in a difficult position. They might have already ordered enough food and drinks for your potential presence.

And now they have to un-order everything because you didn’t RSVP until the day before or worse, the day of. So make sure that when you RSVP, let them know if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies so they can prepare adequately.

Don't Be Late To The Ceremony

Weddings are notoriously late, but that doesn’t mean you should be. If the ceremony starts at 4 p.m., aim to arrive at 3:45 p.m. This will give you time to find your seat and settle in before the bride makes her grand entrance. If you’re running late, call the bride or groom and let them know. They will likely appreciate knowing why you’re running behind so they can make appropriate arrangements for when it’s time for introductions.

Don't Leave After Dinner Is Served

Don't Leave After Dinner Is Served

Many country clubs will have a post-dinner dancing area for guests who want to continue the party. If you leave right after dinner, you’re missing out on a big part of the fun! Plus, it’s impolite to your hosts and fellow guests. It’s essential to show that you’re having a good time by staying at least until dessert is served, but be mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming.

It is because no host or bartender is watching over your intake. And don’t forget about the kids; if they’re enjoying themselves too much and are done eating dinner, go ahead and head home with them.

Don't Overindulge In Drinks And Food

Just because there's an open bar and a buffet doesn't mean you should take advantage of it. Stick to one or two drinks, and don't fill up on appetizers before the meal. If you're trying to save money, offer your seat at the table for someone who is paying a total price. Remember that if you are invited as part of a large group that includes children, they will likely not be served alcohol, so plan accordingly. The country club may also have a dress code, so check beforehand with the wedding couple or event coordinator. You may want to bring a gift too.

Don't Forget Your Manners

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but it's also a time to be on your best behavior. Whether attending a country club wedding or not, remember to mind your manners. Bring flowers or something edible when you're invited to someone's house for dinner. When you doubt how much money to give as a gift, err on being generous rather than stingy. And when tipping at weddings, don't forget to include the gratuity at both the ceremony and reception venues. Also, don't play with things like wedding centerpieces or artificial trees.

Don't leave early unless you have permission from the hosts

As a general rule, you should never leave a wedding early unless you have the express permission of the hosts. This is especially important if the wedding occurs at a country club. It’s the responsibility of the bride and groom to pay for their guests’ meals and drinks, so leaving early can be considered rude. It could also make them feel bad about themselves or even angry. If you need to go home, ask someone from the wedding party if it’s okay first. If they say yes, then that’s what you’ll do. Otherwise, enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to thank the couple and your hostess when you arrive. And don’t forget to tip your server.

Turn off your cell phone

Turn off your cell phone

As a guest, you should never forget to turn your cell phone off before the ceremony begins. The last thing you want to do is disrupt the peace of the event with your phone ringing. If you must take a call, please step outside of the venue. Guests must respect the ceremony and other guests, so be sure to turn your phone off for a little while. Make sure you let people know what’s going on if they see you in conversation or if they need to get in touch with you at any point throughout the night.

Know the rules about gift

Wedding gifts are tricky. You want to get the couple something they’ll love and cherish, but you don’t want to break the bank. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a wedding gift:

  • Find out what the couple’s registry is. This will give you an idea of what they need and want.
  • Stick to the budget you set for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the wedding hype and spend more than you intended. If you’re having trouble sticking to your budget, start saving early so you can afford it. If this sounds like too much work, wait until after the honeymoon before giving them a gift.
  • Make sure it matches their taste or interests. As long as it’s thoughtful and meaningful, there shouldn’t be any issues with giving them something that doesn’t check their registry or isn’t on it!

Watch Your Food Choices

Wedding receptions at country clubs often have more upscale food options than your average wedding. Therefore, it's essential to be mindful of your food choices. Avoid anything messy or difficult to eat, and try to go for lighter fare, so you don't feel too full. Also, be sure to save room for dessert! It might be tempting to fill up on heavy hors d'oeuvres, but country club weddings are known for their elaborate sweet endings. Consider saving the main meal for later in the evening and eating just a few appetizers to start.

If possible, stick with finger foods that can be eaten with one hand (or bread), so you can still enjoy conversation with those around you without interrupting a good time. Remember that the catering staff is there to take care of the dirty dishes—don’t let them get overwhelmed by doing all the work themselves.

Consider The Weather

If the wedding is outdoors, consider the weather and dress accordingly. If it’s going to be hot, wear light, airy clothing. If it’s going to be cold, make sure you have a jacket or shawl. It can also get windy outside so if you’re wearing your hair up, consider bringing a headband to keep your hair from blowing in your face. Regarding footwear, shoes with rubber soles are best for walking on grass because they won’t leave stains on the green surface. Sneakers and loafers are good options, but avoid high heels since they will sink into the ground.

Finally, consider packing an umbrella since rain could spoil the day. You may also want to bring a few tissues – even though it might not seem like the most romantic thing to do, there’s nothing worse than wiping sweaty palms when exchanging rings.


If you’re invited to a wedding at a country club, chances are you’ll also be asked to have lunch and dinner beforehand (depending on when the wedding starts). But, not all country clubs are created equal. Some are only for members and their guests. Others are open to the public for entertainment and dining purposes but hold exclusive wedding ceremonies on site. No matter which scenario applies to your upcoming nuptials, it’s essential to know the country club wedding etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Etiquette For Guests

Here are some most common questions about wedding etiquette and some guidelines on handling them.

What does it mean when you RSVP yes?

When you RSVP to a wedding, you are simply letting the hosts know whether or not you will be attending. If you say yes, the hosts can expect you to show up on the big day. If you say no, they’ll know not to save a spot for you at the reception. The yes and no responses don’t signify how much you like the couple; it’s more about your availability that day. You may also choose maybe, sometimes interpreted as meaning that you’re still deciding between saying yes and no.

What do I wear to a wedding as a guest?

The location is the first thing you should consider when deciding what to wear to a wedding. If the wedding takes place outdoors, you’ll want to dress accordingly. The next thing to think about is the time of day. A daytime wedding will be more casual than an evening affair. Once you’ve considered the location and time of day, you can start thinking about the appropriate outfit. It’s usually best to dress following the theme of the wedding as well as your relationship with the bride or groom.

How do I bring a gift for the couple on their wedding day?

    The best way to ensure your gift makes it to the couple on their wedding day is to bring it with you to the ceremony or reception. That way, you can hand it off to a wedding party member or directly to the couple. If you’re sending a gift ahead of time, include a card with your name and address so the couple can send you a thank-you note.

    What do I say if I don’t know the bride or groom?

      If you don't know the bride or groom, saying Congratulations is acceptable. You can also ask how they met or what led them to this point in their lives. Avoid asking personal questions about their relationship. If you're still struggling to make conversation, try talking about the wedding itself – like how beautiful the venue is.


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