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Wondering how you can spruce up the ambiance of a country club on your big day? Well, there are multiple ideas for wedding decoration. Read further to learn some of the best and trendy decoration ideas.

Play Up with the Cocktail Napkins

Add some personality to your cocktail napkins by printing them with interesting and unique things about you and your partner. Tell amazing habits, different personality trait marks, way of lifestyle, nicknames, and much more. Make sure your cocktail napkins look appealing and catchy, so don’t add too much text.

You can also give your message through images or simply spruce up your text with symbols. Couples can also include trivia questions about the newlywed to entertain their guests. Most importantly, it will be a great idea if you and your partner tell the facts to each other and keep it completely secret from one other to add a surprise element for yourself.

Enhance the Beauty of the Dessert Table

artificial tree tabletop wedding decoration

Planning to incorporate a dessert bar in your wedding? Then, why not beautify this table with appealing and classy wedding decorations? Artificial fake decorations trees, and metal vase centerpieces are your best options. These pieces can improve the look of your dessert bar and will help you add colors to the table.

You can keep this type of decor in multiple ways. You can use them as centerpieces or place multiple pieces around your desserts. Consider adding flowers, linens, table runners, and dessert tags.

Show off Statement Pieces

Statement pieces can never go wrong and look amazing and attractive at country club weddings. There are multiple options for statement pieces like champagne walls, big and bold floral arrangements, immersive lighting, oversized balloon installations, and large-scale backdrop walls.

The best part about statement pieces is that whether you install them in the entryway or hall, they attract the attention of your guests. They are visible from afar and can grab the attention of your guests easily. You can ask your decorator to give you some options regarding statement pieces. They can help you choose a design that complements the theme and color scheme of the wedding.

Choosing Bold and Fun Colors

Geometric Flower Column Stand for Wedding Decoration

If you want to surprise your family and friends with your amazing decor, Bold, classy, and fun colors bring aesthetic appeal to the space, add some spice to your decor, and save your ambiance from looking dull.

You can choose pinks, blues, and oranges for your wedding. Create a color scheme with bold colors, and then find decor with these hues. You can opt for colorful color pieces like geometric metal flower column stand, candle holder, lanterns, table runners, etc. In fact, you can design tent cards with red, blue, and yellow. Hence, plan an eye-catchy, colorful decor to create an appealing look.

Personalize Your Drinks

Of course, there will be many drinks at your wedding to entertain your guests. Why not make drinking more fun at your wedding? Keep wedding drinks that you and your partner enjoy the most or have memories associated with them.

That could be anything from the champagne you both enjoy or the wine you chose on your first date. If you choose a unique thing, you can ask your barman to help you serve a special wedding cocktail to your guests. But make sure to discuss this idea with your partner, who can help you think about more ideas.

Choose Hanging Wedding Decor

hanging hurricane lanterns for wedding decoration

From the grand chandelier to the pillar candle lanterns and from delicate features to birdcages, hanging decor looks amazing in wedding venues. The hanging decor gives your wedding space a contemporary, exciting, and uber-stylish look. Hanging wedding décor items will surely wow your guests.

The best part about hanging decor is that they look great in every wedding theme and venue. Also, they come in various shapes, colors, and designs that allow you to choose the perfect option for your type of wedding. So, get extra creative and think outside the box to plan your wedding hanging decor.

Spice Up Decor with Centerpieces

Geometric Design Flower Stand for Table Wedding Decoration

A centerpiece refers to an important central object in a collection of items. A centerpiece is an essential item for display, usually added to the table setting. Centerpieces help set themes for your wedding decoration and bring extra decor pieces to the space. While they may look like simple objects, they can dramatically change the vibes of a wedding table.

You can choose DIY wedding centerpieces to bring your personality into the wedding style. If you don’t have time or planning a wedding on a large scale, you can look for pieces in the market like clear votive holders and metal hexagon-shaped flower stand.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, when it comes to wedding decoration, you have a number of options. Choose ones that complement each other and create an aesthetically appealing ambiance that makes your wedding memorable.

You can take help from wedding planning experts who can help you plan your wedding in the most memorable way with the best decor ideas to wow your guests. You can suggest the elements you want to add to personalize the event. Or you can go DIY, purchase a few things from the market, create some yourself, and decorate an intimate wedding.

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