Best Wedding Flowers Ideas for Brides

Selecting your wedding flower is one of the good decisions you'll make before the big day. It may help to reduce your options if you've chosen your theme and color scheme. Still, getting daunted by the variety. We used unexpected and unconventional aspects to produce new, daring, and beautiful designs.

There is a wedding flower guide for everyone, from straight bridal bouquets to bridal flowers. You could also want to think about dried wedding flowers or artificial flowers. We used unexpected and unconventional aspects to produce new, daring, and beautiful designs.

The elegant simplicity of wedding flower

Flowers can add beauty to your wedding day, but they can also add a lot to your wallet. With so many uses for flowers in a wedding, the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquets, pew decorations, cake decorations, and reception decor, brides can spend upwards of $10,000 on the flowers alone.

But you can still have a good wedding, without wasting your money. Here are 16 ideas to save green while buying greenery.

It's more important to make decisions. For some couples, this can include only two or three choices of flowers you adore or avoiding another fashionable that might not exactly fit your unique style. Roses are some of our eye-catching flowers to carry in a modest posy if you're not into extravagant arrangements and bouquets. Ready to journey back in time and feel the subtle beauty these blossoms will hold."

Tons of texture

Couples are more open than ever to have more of a variety of blooms in their floral arrangements. "Clients are enjoying more textured florals and fewer roses. They are open to heavy greenery and much more variety than the two-piece Hydrangea rose special. Smalls agrees that floral combinations are going to be big in 2022. "The floral trend I am most happy about is the combination of the fusion of soft flower colors and textures that will create an unusual edge," says Smalls.

Organic arrangements

Flowers don't always grow as perfect as expected. Still, couples are embracing their organic shape—an ideal analogy to how they've had to adjust their requirements of what their wedding might look like over the last few years.

"If you study nature, you must know that flowers do not grow in a perfect shape; rather, they grow in various directions, making nature so beautiful," says Smalls. "I love placing floral centerpieces on arranged tables that give the room an artistic vibe."

Centerpieces full of variety

Working on other decor items like candles or various vases takes any floral style up a notch. There have a few ideas for a next-level floral display for the reception. "Many functions on the estate tables, a mix of tall candles and bud vases all mixed onto the center of the tables and less of the chargers and gold flatware."

Smalls says mixing floral and decor items is one of her favorite ways to elevate a floral style. "Whether it is a runner of flowers going down the length of the table or dripping wisteria above the table, it is sure to make the factor and have guests talking about the wedding flowers for days! We finish the look, once again, using taper candles in a bold accent color and elevate the candles using crystal or metal candle holders."

floral decor for wedding

Luminous pastels

This year's trend of light, washed-out colors will change, with multi-color palettes that include more pastels than one or two of them. The outcome is a subtle rainbow-inspired effect that is lively and whimsical.

Dried flowers and grasses

One popular floral addition immediately comes to mind when you think of the beach or boho wedding decor. "Pampas grass is here to stay. Connect with the fresh and dried flowers," says Watson. "The use of greenery is also still looking elegant.

Garden roses

When you are getting wedded, roses are a definitive marriage flower. After all, they signify love and love in every culture around the world. The ideal reason roses are fall marriage flowers is that they bloom in many tones, from reds, purples, and pinks to yellows, oranges, and whites. Garden roses are larger and further petal- thick compared to other rose kinds, like tea roses and spot roses." The soft scent and wide color palette of theatre roses are ideal for fall marriages, especially in the peach, color, and cream tones. "It also resembles the ever-popular peony, which is out of season during the fall months."


This tuberous-confirmed flower blossoms between late summer and early fall. Dahlias can be grown in many different corridors of the country. It makes them easy to reference if you focus on using grown flowers." It's an ideal flower in fall marriages because of its large shape and wide color palette," says Weber." No, count your color scheme.

Pampas grass

Most seen in wedding decor, pampas grass is a perfect accent for your wedding flowers. This soft-colored grass can add some factor to almost any type of function, from bouquets to aisles, and even wedding cake decor. If this happens to you, your florist can recommend pampas grass alternatives to achieve the same look.


Gypsophila, better known as a baby’s breath, is often used as filler. It can be a good addition to nearly any other flower. The small flowers are very hardy and have a rough outlook. Once cut, their tiny petals can endure anywhere from ten days before drying out. Baby’s breath begins blooming in Spring and continues until the fall, making them some of the best flowers for summer weddings.

Gypsophila naturally comes in variations of white and can sometimes appear yellow or pink. We offer a fluffy, pink gypsophila arrangement Gladys that is both unique and chic. We cut the stems to 15 inches and arranged these fresh flower bouquets in tight bundles that look and feel lush.


lavender flowers for wedding decoration

Freshly cut, it can last up to seven days after being cut, making it a good choice for weddings. It has a long blooming season as well. Some bloom as early as spring, while others blossom mid to summer. Its hardy stems make for wedding flowers as you can easily use them in bouquets, decorations and arrangements.

The color range of lavender is astounding, from light lilac hues to deep blue-toned purples. Lavender makes for a lovely wedding flower as it can withstand high temperatures and maintain its sweet, willowy look through the most humid days.


While these are not traditional wedding flowers, they have gained tremendous popularity in recent years these flowers look more attractive. They are also one of the most selling options for weddings in any season. Because they originate in desert climates, these flowers retain water and get little maintenance. When the wedding is over, it can be re-planted for years to come.

Mixing with other blossoms such as roses, lavender makes for a rustic yet best wedding choice. These can come in a choice of shapes, sizes, and colors. This offers beautiful textures and shades to any arrangement.

King protea

Protea is one of the most beautiful wedding flowers out there. There are 43 species of proteas, but most couples opt for their wedding day, better known as king protea. After being cut, this protea type can last up to 15 days! These unique plants bloom from July to October. They are cold and heat weather-resistant, making them a wedding pick no matter what season.

King protea is perfect for making as the head can reach up to 10 inches in width and make for wedding bouquet flowers. Most bouquets focus on one large protea flower in the center and fill it with greenery. It has a thick stem and deep green leaves with a creamy-colored base and varying shades of pink petals, a perfect mix of femininity and boldness.

A dried bouquet for a wedding

dried bouquets for wedding centerpiece

A retro vibe

Posies from dried wedding bouquet are such an attractive option. Bleached white wheat, oats, Hydrangea, and daisies are all included in this vintage-style bouquet wrapped in pink linen.

Modern neutrals

Choosing a muted color scheme may make your dried wedding bouquet more fashionable. Long after the wedding day, this gorgeous bouquet will still look wonderful in your home.

Fabric top

This concept for a bridal bouquet is wonderful, filled to the brim with cotton buds, poppy seed heads, and dried grasses. It will be ideal for you if you enjoy the pampas grass theme.

Fun festival

The finishing touch for your bridal attire is this riot of color. It's amazing, even with the gorgeous peacock feather and rainbow ribbon.

Wow with wildflowers

What if you could pick your wedding flowers? You absolutely can if you'd like! Head to a u-pick flower farm or ask your friend or family member to visit their garden. Pick blooms in varying colors and stem lengths for a gorgeous display in bud vases.

wildflowers white pink rose

Pair white roses and greenery

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to add that wow factor:

  • This enchanting look combined garden roses.
  • Ranunculus.
  • A garland of greenery for an elegant centerpiece.

Display hydrangeas with height

Hydrangeas are the ultimate summer flower and are the perfect piece to create a lush display. These tall displays of hydrangea, garden roses, orchids, and greenery perfectly matched the couple's mansion setting.

Incorporate Tapered Candlesticks

Lining the table with candlesticks is common, but what if they were added to the actual centerpiece? This display combined a few florals with taper candles in a little dish for a lovely look.

How do I pick wedding flowers?

Lavender and Rose's florist, Rosie Conroy:

To reduce costs for the best wedding ideas:

"We'd tell looking at the size of your arrangement if you want to reduce costs where you can. Don't hesitate to ask for several pricing ranges before deciding on your ultimate bouquet size. You can have a lovely posy-sized bouquet for a bit less than one with a more conventional shape.

Have the flexibility to step beyond the norm:

Another option would be to choose a pastel combination of rainbow colors for something cheery. Do what feels right, not what you believe other people will appreciate, as you want your bridal bouquet to reflect your style.

Have faith in your florist:

"Rather than being asked to copy anything, we do our best work with a wider need. Such as "nude tones with garden roses and plenty of trailing foliage." I hope you've selected a florist.

Consider choosing seasonal blossoms:

"While it's not always true that seasonal blooms are less expensive, sticking with them will give you the most lovely scents, shapes, and colors. I also like how; if you pick a flowering plant for your wedding. You'll remind me of your joyful day every year when you see roses in bloom or daffodils poking through the ground.

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