What Vase Size Is Suitable for a Centerpiece

So you've decided on the date for your big day, here comes the planning part. Planning a wedding is a tough row to hoe; it involves errands like catering, shooting, wedding setting, etc. And what is best than using flowers, gold vases for centerpieces, and candelabras as wedding decor?

A reception decor is all about you getting what you pay for. Suppose you've plenty of money and are ready to finance it; then there's no best place to invest it than your dream wedding. But if you're short on cash, you can still use that money for your big day.

Choosing a glass, ceramic, or bronze vase for the centerpiece would be an excellent choice for your wedding, as it's affordable and can be used later on. Check out our exclusive and affordable collection of various vases from our online store. But first, let's learn about the best size of a vase that can be used as a wedding centerpiece.

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What Is a Good Size of Gold Vases for Centerpieces?

Going for gold vases for centerpieces would be a great option if you're on a budget and cannot afford to buy centerpieces for your wedding. You can use Various textures, colors, and sizes of vases for centerpieces. It's all about your creativity and innovation. But how would you know what is a good size vase for a centerpiece?

One of the tried and tested ways is comparing the size of the vase with flowers. For this, you need a calculator and a measuring tape. The rule indicates measuring the flower length from bottom to stem and up. Divide it by 2.5, and you will get the appropriate height of your vase. To complete the look, you must follow the flower arrangement rule i-e the placement should be harmonious and cordial as per the vases' height.

If you're incorporating gold vases for centerpieces with candles, try using cylinder-shaped vases. Cylinder-shaped vases have a beautiful shape and have the power to embellish the beauty of candles. Fill a cylinder-shaped honeycomb vase with ¾ water, put in some stems, and float some votives to give a surreal look.

You can also use a vase for a centerpiece with sea shells, sea glass, or sand for a boho chic or beach wedding. You can use mason jars, squares, bubble wall vases, etc., and complement them with flowers. To make your event classy and regal, you can use fillers like acrylic diamonds, river gravel, water pearls, etc.

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How Do I Choose the Right Size Vase?

Always be careful with the flower's length as per the vase's height. As too long stems in a mini vase would look pitiable. While too-short stems in a long vase would give a shabby look. The mouth of the vase matters a lot, as too broad a mouth vase would ask for more, as fewer flowers wouldn't complete the look. If the vase's mouth is too narrow, it will squeeze and damage your stems. Let's look at various shapes of vases for the centerpiece and which flower would be best for them.

Column Vase

Use long-stem flowers with slender and beautiful glass vases. Flowers like lilies, sunflowers, etc., would look great with a column vase. You can combine the vase with twigs and garlands to enhance the event's look.

Hourglass Vase

Use heavy petalled flowers to accentuate the curvy shape of the hourglass vase. Flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangeas, etc., would enhance the beautiful shape of the hourglass vase. Enhance its beauty with a sprig of lavender to complete the look.

Round Vase

Very affordable, simple, and beautiful, these vases are not for every flower. But the best tip would be to make a bouquet by cutting their stems and displaying it on the vase's mouth. You can also use flower balls to match the theme of your event.

Bud Vase

The best option to use these is if you're tight on the budget and still want your event to stand out. These beautiful, inexpensive vases would complement any flower with a long stem, like zinnia, roses, or tulips. You can beautify these vases by filling the base with sea shells, sea glass, water pearls, etc.

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End Note

If you have mini gold vases for centerpieces, use only a single or up to three stems to compensate for the size of the vase. Use a flower frog with a short wide, mouth vase (four to six inches tall) to improve the flower placement. For a medium vase (six to eight inches tall), you can compensate for the mouth of the vase with varied sizes of blooms. A tall vase (eight to twelve inches tall ) would look best with long, heavy stems like hydrangeas, sunflowers, etc.

We hope this guide has helped you understand deciding the right vase size for the centerpiece. Let us know in the comments below.

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