What Is the Ideal Size of the Flower Ball

Are you looking for some fun decorations for your big day? Do you intend to plan something inexpensive yet easily made? Then let's move on to the perfect guide about making a pomander ball for your wedding.

A pomander ball or a kissing ball is made from fresh flowers. It derived its name from the French word pomme d'ambre or apple of amber, which means a ball of perfume. A traditional pomander ball, also known as a kissing ball, was usually an orange fruit with cloves stuck inside it. It was used at weddings to keep bad smells and infections away. In old times there were also used in homes for aromatherapy.

Now pomanders or flower balls are made from artificial flowers and are a crucial part of every wedding. Do you wish to gift pomander flower balls to your bridesmaids or wedding guests as a favor? Are you looking for ideas and a guide about making one? Follow our guide to learn all about pomander flower balls.

What Size of a Pomander Ball Is Suitable for a Flower Girl?

The perfect size of a flower ball depends on its use. If you're using it for decoration, a giant ball around 7" -8" would be great. You'll need a smaller number of flower balls to decorate your event. Choosing a smile pomander ball size of 4" -5" would be a bit expensive as you need plenty of flower balls to decorate the whole event.

If you're using the flower ball for the flower girl, you don't need to buy a huge flower ball as a smaller size, around 4’’-5", would be enough for you. You can also use the smaller size pomander flower balls as a giveaway gift for the bridesmaids or bridal party. In both cases, a smaller one would be a better choice.

It also depends on whether you're making it at home or buying it. Usually, flower balls made at home are expensive as you need a styrofoam ball, glue gun, fake buds, or roses to make it. Remember, the final size of the ball would be two times bigger than the original size of styrofoam, so buy it accordingly.

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How to Make the Flower Ball for a Flower Girl

If you're planning to make a pomander floral ball for the flower girl, then have a look at the following easy steps, but first, you need the following items:

  1. Styrofoam ball (4’’-5’’)
  2. Glue gun
  3. Artificial flowers(carnations, sola wood flowers, etc.)
  4. Glue gun
  5. Baby's breath (optional)
  6. Floral U wire
  7. Lace or ribbon


  1. Take the styrofoam ball and put a hole on the top of it through a floral U wire; make sure to stick this wire with the help of a glue gun. Let it dry for a while, as you will need that loop to attach the ribbon or lace through it.
  2. Take artificial flowers, put glue at the back of each flower, and attach them to the styrofoam ball one by one. Make sure to attach them carefully, so there's no white space left.
  3. You can use dried babies' breath (golden. champagne, silver, etc.) to fill in the gaps with the help of a glue gun. Let it dry, and your flower ball is ready.
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5 Unique Flower Ball Ideas

Whether making flower balls at home or buying flowers from an online store, we've compiled some ideas for your relief while planning your event.

  1. Use red roses:

    Whether using fresh or fake roses, they know how to make a bold statement. The color red would be best suited for a night event, for example, a birthday, wedding, or dinner. Try using flower balls using red roses for a stunning effect.

  2. Try a different material:

    Who says you can use flowers only for making a pomander flower ball? Try using curled-up pages from magazines or books to make paper roses and your own styrofoam paper flower ball.

  3. Coffer filler peonies:

    You can carefully make a large white peony flower ball by assembling new coffer fillers. Place these beautiful large coffee filler peonies on any centerpiece, and you're all set.

  4. Cupcake liner flower ball:

    Another fun and the innovative way would be using cupcake liners (available in various colors and designs). After a bit of crumpling and assembling with the help of glue, voila, you'll get your own cupcake liner flower ball.

  5. Fake flower ball:

    You can go for artificial flower balls from our online store with an exclusive collection of colors to match the theme of your event.

Pro-tip: if you're having a night event, put LED lights in the flower balls for a magical effect.

End Note

Pomander wedding flower balls are one of the best wedding decors. They're easy to make, handy, and show your creativity. Either make them yourselves or buy them from an online store; they add festivity and color to your event.

Pomander flower balls would look beautiful on wedding arches, aisles, pews, or the back of the wedding chairs. Since the couple is too busy planning a wedding, you might not find time to make flower balls yourself. A better option would be to buy them from an online store and save the day.

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