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Decorating your home may involve using candle holders. Well, people like making their homes stand out; that is why wall sconces for holding the candles are quite popular now.

You will come across different materials used in making the candle wall sconces. Today, we focus more on the metallic options and see how much they can cost. On average, expect to spend $20 for a pair of metal wall sconces. Sometimes they can be even cheaper so that you can always decorate the rooms better.

The Average Cost of Metal Wall Sconces

Candle sconces are available in different styles and designs. Below is a quick list of the different styles of wall sconces in the market and their average prices.

  • Vintage style wall sconces - $18
  • Handmade wall sconces with glass candle holders - $18
  • Geometric wall sconces - $20
  • Wall sconces with no glass cups - $17

You are likely to come across more styles and designs. The notable price is from $15 to $25. This should be within the affordable range for most people who would want to decorate their rooms better.

6 Cheap Metal Wall Sconces

Below we look at the best wall sconces you can get for the money. This is to help you choose the right metal wall sconce.

Nuptio Handmade Metal Wall Sconces

metal wall sconces


There is something about handmade metal wall sconces that makes the products just look great. Like for this one, the black finish makes it easy to use with other existing decor easily.

The metallic build is what you need for durable candle sconces. You can be sure that the shape does not easily deform and there is no special maintenance needed for this kind of wall sconce.

The glass cup on the model can easily be removed and used as a separate candle holder for the tealight candles. Place them on a table and you should have a better decoration for the night.

Because of just how versatile these sconces are, we find them ideal to use in different room decors. It can be the living room, bedroom, and so much more.

Nuptio Elegant Pillar Metal Wall Sconces

candle sconces


Still on metal wall sconces, you will like this uniquely designed wall sconce for your candle. These candle sconces are made using iron material. The result is that now you have a durable wall sconce that makes it easier to enjoy the lighting in the room. Iron is also not easily deformed, and it allows for intricate designs as you can see from the image.

You do not have to settle for black wall sconces alone. The product is available in gold too. In case you enjoy this kind of design, you may also consider an alternate color.

How about the installation? Most people find it easy to install as the package has all the hardware needed to attach the sconces to the wall.

As for use, this is a nice decorative piece to add to any room. It can be the living room, study room, dining room, and more. Still, it can work for other events such as weddings and graduation parties. So, the uses are many.

Nuptio Tealight Metal Wall Sconces

metal wall sconces for tealight candles



One thing about tealight wall sconces is that they make such candles look good and also deliver better lighting in the room. That is why you should invest in candle sconces to make the room decor even better.

Compared to some other sconces in the market, you will like these ones for generally being beautiful. In addition, the unique design makes them ideal for you to consider adding to any room. Also, the candle holders are big enough to hold the candles appropriately to prevent toppling.

The colors available for this set of wall sconces include black, rose gold, and gold. Black is a nice color that works with most designs. However, consider picking the gold color if you want a flashy look.

Cleaning and maintenance of the wall sconces are easy. Just wipe them with a dry clean cloth to leave them looking good.

Nuptio Gold Metal Wall Sconces

Gold Metal Wall Sconces



If you are looking for versatility, such candle sconces should be the ones you get. The stylish design makes them perfect as home ornaments. However, you can still see them used in bars, cafes, balls, and wedding events as decoration. So long as a room could use a wall sconce, this set should come in handy.

Iron is the core material for making wall candle holders. This leaves you with a durable material for a candle sconce. Also, iron allows forming different shapes. That is exactly what you get with this product. You are assured of the best design that people would ask about.

We find the wall sconces to be practical, considering they are also available in multiple colors. Besides black, you get gold and rose gold as the additional colors.

Sziqiqi Tealight Metal Wall Sconces

metal wall sconces for tealight candles

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Looking at the size of these metal wall sconces, you should find them good enough for different decor integrations. As for the candle sconces diameter, it is recommended for tealight candles. Of course, you could use the same with votive candles too. So long as it fits, it should work too.

These candle holders are perfect for daily use and will be a good decorative piece for any room. That is why you can use them for wedding centerpieces, aromatherapy, Spas, meditation, and so much more.

It is still a good choice for those looking for a gift. Offer it as a birthday or anniversary gift, for a housewarming event, and so much more.

Sziqiqi Decorative Metal Wall Sconces

vintage candle sconces

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Candle sconces on the wall can be what you need to get an eye-catching look. This is a fabulous pair you can use for your room decor. The vintage pattern is still stylish for many people to feel free spending money on it.

So, where best can you use such wall sconces? You can use these versatile candle holders with tealight, votive, and pillar candles. This pair is versatile to cater to your needs when others would be limited.

You will still like it for being good for everyday use. You can hang them in offices, hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more.

Installation is also easy. This is because the pair comes with four hangers and other necessary hardware. This is vital for hanging the wall sconces easily to start using them.


Metal wall sconces do not have to be expensive. Looking at the various models mentioned above, with $20, you should have most of them. Also, the candle sconces are built to last. Using metal is a clear indication they will not be breaking anytime soon. Just clean them from time to time to maintain their clean look.

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