How to Place Rose in a Glass Dome

A rose in glass dome can be what you have been missing in terms of home decor. It should not be hard for you to get some of such options in the market. The most popular would be having a galaxy rose with different designs for a complete look.

Besides buying a finished rose in glass dome product, you can still decide to do a DIY project. It is a simple project you can do within an hour or less. We will look at the process to follow to create a rose in glass dome at home with simple supplies. Let us check it out below.

Materials Needed

  • Hot glue
  • Silver paint and brush
  • Wood base
  • Red silk rose petals
  • 1 glass cloche
  • Silk rose in red
  • White/clear glitter
  • Hammer
  • Crystal beads
  • Nail


Paint the baseboard

Start by painting the wood base and let it dry. Make sure you use high-quality paint to give you the clean look of a rose in glass dome.

Draw a frosted look on the glass cloche

Next is to add a frosted look to the glass cloche. Start by drawing a beautiful pattern using a glue marker. A vine illustration can be a good pattern.

Take the white or clear glitter and dust on the pattern made using the glue marker. Make sure to have a paper under the glass cloche to catch the excess glitter, so it does not leave a mess.

Repeat different designs and details all over the glass to achieve a look you like.

It can be a slow process, but take your time to complete a nice pattern you will like.

Add crystal beads

Go ahead to tie the beads around the neck of the bell jar or glass cloche using a string. A slip note should do well for this application. Tighten the slip note and turn in any excess strings ensuring you have a tight fit as part of making a rose in glass dome.

At this point, you can add many more crystal beads to the glass bell jar.

Bend the rose to the desired shape

Since we are working with a faux rose, it is possible to bend the stem to the desired shape. So you can make it to have as many bends or curves as possible, but not too much to still have a great rose in glass dome piece in the end.

Once you have bent the rose, it is time to cut it to the right height. Pull the glass jar over the edge of your workspace and insert the rose into the jar from the bottom. Push it upward until you are comfortable with the height. Hold with two fingers where you want to cut, and then do it.

Attaching the rose to the wood base

Still on how to place a rose in glass dome, next is to attach the rose to the wood base. Take a hammer and drive the 1-inch nail through the baseboard from the bottom side. Be careful not to hammer the nail into your work table. Turn the board onto its side to avoid such a scenario and hammer until the nail has gone through.

Now that a nail is protruding stick the rose stem into the nail. It might need some wiggling, but it should not be a problem at all.

Glue some of the flower petals at the bottom using a hot glue gun to improve the rose's look in glass dome.

Add fairy lights

Now we are finishing off the rose in glass dome project. Of course, we have to make it look good by lighting it. That is why we now add fairy lights are the bottom of the glass jar. Glue it around the glass jar and the base too.

Attach the glass cloche

The only remaining thing is to add the glass cloche over the base containing the rose. You can stick it down, but sometimes it is not a must.

Go on to turn on the fairy lights and see how it looks. Just like that, now you have a rose in glass dome DIY project.

Check out this video for quick details on how to make a DIY rose in glass dome project.

Source: Bryton Taylor

Rose in Glass Dome Ideas

You may be looking for something already made. That should not be a problem as we share with you some great rose in glass dome ideas and where to buy them.

Nuptio Eternal Rose In Glass Dome

rose in glass dome

Are you looking for the best wedding gift or an anniversary? Then this rose in a glass dome can be a good fit for you. People also use the same for birthdays to show much they like someone.

The clear glass cover should make it easy to view the rose in the dome with ease. Of course, the dome is also important for ensuring the rose always looks good.

Nuptio Galaxy Rose In A Glass Dome

Galaxy Rose

If you are in the market for a galaxy rose that has been implemented differently, here is a good idea. The galaxy rose in the glass dome can symbolize that your love for someone will not wither or die.

The whole package is not complete without romantic lighting. It should be great enough to create the best mood lighting in a room for those seeking a romantic evening.

Nuptio Real Eternal Rose In A Dome Gift

rose in glass dome Valentine gift

This is another alternative choice for using a galaxy rose to make your space look good. We find it a nice piece of decor for symbolizing forever love, appreciation, and best wishes.

The rose is crafted from soft fabric, so it looks like a real flower you could use more often.

Nuptio Galaxy Rose Flower Gift

blue galaxy rose in glass dome

A galaxy rose will always look good in different setups. As for this one, we recommend it as a romantic gift. Make sure to gift your wife or girlfriend with such a product, and she will appreciate it. That is not all as you may also like the fairy lights as part of the design. They are of high quality to last a long time to make the space look good.


A rose in glass dome whether it is a galaxy rose or any other type, can be a great gift. We recommend it for anniversaries most of the time to ensure that you pass a message of love. Well, that is what a rose is mostly meant to do. We have looked at how you can make a DIY model at home and still buy one from a top-rated store. The choice is yours since we have given you all the tips you need to get started.

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