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Incorporating wall art as part of your home or office decor can take different turns. Right now, so many options are available in the market for you to consider ensuring you have a great look in any space. One way would be to consider candle wall art for your space decor.

Candles are great additions to any space, and you would be generally happy to see how the setup turns out. However, you must find candle sconces with great candle wall art.

Candle Wall Art Buying Tips

Buying a candle wall art needs proper planning and many other considerations. We help you understand how to choose the right candle art and incorporate it into your space. Below are tips to follow.

Types of Candle Sconces

Candle wall sconces are available in different styles and designs. Understanding them helps choose the right candle sconce. Here are ideas of the top candle sconce types.

Antique Candle Sconces

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An antique look has a way of making the space look timeless. It still looks good, even if it gives off the old days' settings. Considering the wall sconces have been around for decades, there is so much to borrow from the past. That is why you will like the look you get from the antique sconces.

Brass Candle Sconces

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Brass as a material really works well to make the room look and feel rich. That is why it makes sense for you to have such nice art on your wall. We find it great for different rooms, especially bedrooms and bathrooms. Expect to find brass sconces in different styles and shapes. The idea is to always settle for one that works great for your space.

Of course, brass might need a bit of care, so ensure the finish is correctly wiped to give you the best look.

Bronze Candle Sconces

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After brass, bronze is another choice for most people as a candle wall art. It is probably because of its durability and ease of maintenance. For the most part, you may just have to wipe, and that is it.

The good thing about bronze is being able to be shaped into different designs. Such is good enough for buyers to find the best wall art to keep the space looking great.

Iron Candle Sconces

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The iron candle wall art is generally timeless. It is not something you would want to keep changing. Take the example of wrought iron, which is quite good even if left outdoors for years. It is the same thing with candle wall sconces too.

The overall durability would also make the product suitable for different uses, including weddings, events, and even the living room.

Glass Candle Sconces


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Glass has always been a nice touch as decoration. It helps you create the best candle wall art when it has all the right designs too. You should definitely expect to see the design better once you light the candle.

The glass sconces are often combined with other materials as part of the design. It can be wood or metal. Whichever the case, also consider the size of the candles that would fit in the glass for a clean look.

Wood Candle Sconces

Wood Candle Sconces

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A candle wall art can also be made of wood material. Of course, you are allowed to check out different materials other than metal and glass. The good thing about wood is its easy integration with different designs in a house or office setup.

Making sure the wood type has the best finish vital for ensuring you get the best look. It is possible to choose different types of wood keys to ensure that they will last long enough without changing the wall sconces.

Geometric Candle Sconces

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If you like angles and definite structures in candle wall art, why not try the geometric candle sconces? Such wall sconces give you a nice piece of art to look at even when the candles are not lit. Of course, the addition of candles should make everything better.

There are many shapes for you to consider depending on your source. Try to visualize how it will look on the wall before buying one.


Materials play a key role in picking the best candle wall art. Some of the material options may include brass, wood, and iron. You can also have accessories, including glass, plastic, and fabric.

Since sconces do not receive a lot of wear and tear, they will generally last a long time. Just make sure you wipe or clean them as advised.


Every person has a style in mind when looking for candle wall art. It does not have to be any boring style. Make sure you go through different wall arts of sconces to find the right one for your space.

Some styles you may come across include contemporary, rust, transitional, retro, art deco, modern, and industrial.

Room and Placement

Where are you going to put the wall art? Well, the sconces can be installed in the living room, bathroom, hallways, stairways, and so much more. Where you plan to install the sconce can determine which one to purchase.

An example is not all sconces are good for outdoor use. For a candle sconce to be used outdoors, it needs to be a lantern style to protect the candle from the draft. Most of the time, manufacturers recommend where best to use the candles.

Size and Number

The space available for installing a candle wall art determines just how many of the sconces you get to buy. It is advisable to install the sconces 3 feet apart to ensure they do not feel crowded.

Also, you do not want them to be too close to each other that they generate too much brightness. Someone opting for this kind of decoration is not looking for a lot of brightness in a room. It is more of a mood lighting.

With the room size in mind, it should be possible to consider choosing the proper size and number of sconces that fits properly.

Installation Process

How you get to install the candle wall art can be a deal breaker to some people. You need to get it right the first time you try to install it. This is because it will give you a proper look at the room.

So, does the sconce come with the right installation hardware and instructions? Such are the things you need while installing the sconce.


The best candle wall art is the one that speaks your design language. This is where you can actually enjoy seeing the wall art each time you enter a room or space. We have given you tips above on choosing the right candle wall art. Take your time to browse through the wall art available and choose what works best for you.

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