Christmas hurricane candle holders

With Christmas upon us, it is time to bring out the best decorations for the year. These decorations are meant to make the home more welcoming for people to enjoy the Christmas holiday. So, what are some of the options for decorating your home? We recommend that you choose the best Christmas hurricane candle holders.

What do they mean? How best can you use them? We will tell you more details about the Christmas hurricane candle holders below to use them better.

Why Is It Called A Hurricane Candle Holder?

You might be wondering what the name Christmas hurricane candle holders might mean altogether. The name refers to candle holders with a glass shade whose job is to protect the candle flame from drafts and strong winds.

As much as the term hurricane may seem misleading in this case, the idea is to simply have a tall cylindrical glass or dome placed over the candle to protect it from drafts. The result is that the candle lasts longer and will not go off easily.

How To Decorate Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders

Now that you know more about Christmas hurricane candle holders, how best can you decorate them? Here are ideas for decorating your Christmas hurricane candle holders.

Frozen Hurricane Candle Holders

Frozen Hurricane Candle Holders

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Since it is Christmas, the frozen theme will work great. This is where you also get creative with your hurricane candle holders. They can be achieved in many ways. You can freeze the pine twigs and other decorations to create a hurricane candle holder. Once done, add the tea light candle inside, and you should have a beautiful look above.

Winter Hurricane Candle Holder

Plant Hurricane Candle Holder

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Take your clear glass hurricane candle holder and attach a few twigs with glue on the side. Pour some Epsom salt at the bottom to create the winter effect. Go ahead and add the candle now. Consider pairing it with other Christmas decorations to make the candle holder stand out.

Wrapped Hurricane Candle Holders

Wrapped Hurricane Candle Holders

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Another cool idea is to get a paper with patterns of different things related to Christmas. Cut the paper to size and wrap it around the candle holder in a cylindrical shape. So, whenever the candles are lit, the candle holder looks great and accentuates the pattern on the paper.

Fill With Flower Petals And Tea Light Candles

Hurricane Candle holders Fill With Flower Petals And Tea Light Candles

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Because of the design of most hurricane candle holders, it is possible to fill them with flowers, and they will look great. It can be rose petals or any other flowers you like. We like to add a bit of water to create a base for holding the tea light candles, such as the one shown above.

Summer Wedding Decor

candle lantern with flowers

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The good thing about the Christmas hurricane candle holders is that they are versatile. This means you can create many decors out of them. In this case, we can still use them for a summer wedding when you want the bright colors to pop while the candles remain lit.

Fill With Random Seashells

hurricane candle holder fill with random seashells

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This is another way of decorating hurricane candle holders. In case you visited the beach recently and have multiple seashells at your disposal, this is a nice way of using them. Simply add them in any pattern in the candle holder, and they should easily look the part.

Top Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders

Since Christmas is around the corner, getting yourself the best hurricane candle holders makes sense. If you have no idea where to start, here are a few ideas to consider.

Nuptio Set Of 2 Vintage Hurricane Candle Holders

vintage hurricane candle holders


The intricate design of these Christmas hurricane candle holders is key to making them stand out. In addition, many people should find them multifunctional. As such, they are good for weddings, parties, receptions, and Christmas.

The unique design gives off a birdcage look that is more attractive once you light the candle. It is made using iron and glass materials. Such materials are easy to keep clean.

The available colors include black and white. As a result, you should pick the best color that works for you.

Nuptio Set Of 2 Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane Candlestick for Table Centerpieces


Such Christmas hurricane candle holders can work great as gifts for someone just moving into a new house. It can still be a good wedding present.

The gold color makes it suitable for decorating your home or office space. There is also a silver color option to offer more versatility to the buyers.

Cleaning and maintenance are generally easy to ensure you always have a clean pair of hurricane candle holders.

Nuptio Vintage Hurricane Candle Holders

vintage lantern candle holders


These rustic vintage hurricane candle holders will do justice to the space where you place them. The rustic metallic frame of the vintage hurricane candle holders works well with a removable glass shade.

You will likely use such Christmas hurricane candle holders for wedding decoration, traditional decoration, and so much more due to their great detailing.

Nuptio 2 Pieces Of Vintage Hurricane Candle Holders

Christmas hurricane candle holders


The distressed design of these vintage hurricane candle holders makes them ideal as Christmas hurricane candle holders. The finish is also smooth and gives it an aged appearance, just as you would expect with vintage hurricane candle holders.

The glass cover is removable, making cleaning the candle holder easy.

Nuptio 4 Hanging Garden Hurricane Tealight Holders

Hanging Garden Hurricane Tealight Holders


As much as they might not be vintage hurricane candle holders, these Christmas hurricane candle holders have amazing designs. They are simple and portable. This allows you to hang them in different places to enjoy how they provide light. They are also ideal for simply decorating any space in the house.

They are best suited for tealight candles to create an inviting glow further when you enter the space.


Looking at the various Christmas hurricane candle holders mentioned above, you should know how best to decorate your home for Christmas this time around. Just because they are Christmas candle holders, it does not mean they cannot be used during the other seasons of the year too. They might just need a bit of tweaking, and that is it.

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