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Having a rose in glass dome can be one of the many missing decoration pieces you have been looking for. The good thing is that such a decoration is readily available from top stores known for decorations.

You could still make one at home. That is often the easy part because how would you keep the rose in glass dome looking good over the months? This guide goes into detail on how best to preserve the roses and still understand how long they can remain preserved and remain looking good.

How Long Do The Preserved Roses In Glass Dome Last?

When you have a rose in glass dome, you might wonder how long it can hold its shape or look too. On average, a rose in glass dome can last up to 3 years looking fresh, depending on the preservation method.

One of the most popular ways of preserving roses would be to put them in a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements. This process will rehydrate the rose to make its petals and stem look fresh. In addition, the glycerin will replace the sap in the rose, keeping it looking fresh.

With this method, the roses can still remain flexible and have a natural look too.

Drying the roses might not be the best way to preserve them, as you end up with a brittle and dull rose. It is then important to start the preservation method as soon as possible when the rose still looks fresh and natural.

When you get your preserved rose or galaxy rose in a dome, you will not have to worry that it can dry anytime soon. You should be ready to replace it with something newer after three years.

Here is a video with more tips on how to preserve flowers.

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Tips On Taking Care Of Preserved Roses

If you have a rose in glass dome decoration, how you take care of it can determine if it will keep looking good. So, what is the basic maintenance of a rose in glass dome? Here are some of the methods you can try.

  • Keep the roses indoors

Since outdoors has so many elements that can reduce the preserved roses’ lifespan, it is best to keep them indoors. The elements include temperature changes, dust, humidity, and so much more.

  • Place them in a cool dry place

As mentioned before, humidity outdoors can be the reason to replace a preserved rose in glass dome. The same thing applies to when you keep the preserved rose indoors. Ensure it is not kept in rooms such as the kitchen where the humidity is too high.

Also, do not water the roses. They are already preserved, so watering is the last thing they need to keep looking good. Water is just going to damage the preserved rose.

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight

Preserving a rose in a glass dome will leave the rose looking natural and fresh. However, exposing it to direct sunlight tends to make the color dull over a couple of months. Since you want the flowers to remain to look fresh, that is more reason to keep them away from direct sunlight.

  • Use a dry cool air stream when cleaning

Of course, you would have to clean the roses in glass domes to keep them looking good. However, cleaning can turn traffic if you do not keep a few things in mind. We recommend using a dry, cool air stream over the rose to keep it clean and also not break it.

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How To Make Rose In Glass Dome Last Longer

One thing about having a rose in a glass, it is not hard to take good care of it. Most companies that make such gifts or decorations will have clear instructions on caring for the products so they can last longer. Follow such instructions to maintain the look of your beautiful rose.

Other than that, look at the other methods we have shared in the other section above to see how best to apply them to your situation.

Do not forget to keep the glass dome clean to keep bringing out the natural look of the rose inside. You can always add fairy light at the bottom so that it gives off a great look when lit.

Our Picks: Lifetime Roses

You might have felt like the galaxy rose or any other rose looks good in a glass dome. However, if you have no idea where to start, we have selected a few options for you to consider.

Nuptio Enchanted Rose In Glass Dome

rose in glass dome for Valentine's Day


The enchanted look might be what you need when it is time to give someone you love. That is why it will be a good choice for birthdays, friendship, Christmas decorations, Mother’s Day, and more. As you can see, it is quite a versatile decoration to have.

The glass cover should make the product impressive to look at. The same glass dome will also protect the contents better than when left exposed. This means the rose will remain looking natural for a long time.

Nuptio Eternal Flower Rose In Glass Dome And Lights

pink rose in glass dome


If you are a gifting person, but you are stuck on what to get for your friend this Christmas, such would be a great start. It is enough to make someone feel you put a lot of thought into getting it.

The product is available in different colors for the rose. They include pink, white, and purple. So, you can always pick what works best for you. The price is also within the affordable range for you to save more when picking such a product.

There is still the option of picking galaxy roses. Our suggestion includes the following.

Nuptio Galaxy Rose In Glass Dome

galaxy rose for Valentine's Day


This is a more colorful galaxy rose than you might be used to. Considering it is well preserved, it will not wither or die after several months. Instead, the galaxy rose will remain with the natural look to give you infinite hope and beauty wherever you set it up.

The look is not complete without lighting the galaxy rose in glass dome. That is why it comes with a fairy light attached to it too. This allows you to add more shine to the galaxy rose and leave it looking good.

The overall construction is also good for a galaxy rose in glass dome. It should be able to last for a long time.


It is important that you take good care of the preserved rose in a glass dome if you want it to last longer. We have given you all important tips to consider to ensure the rose remains looking natural. Still, we have given you the top considerations from a top supplier so that you can buy knowing it is a good product. So long as you can care for the roses in glass domes are recommended; they are the best decor for a home or office.

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