How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

Whether you're having a massive destination wedding or marrying in the backyard gazebo of your lawn, you must have a wedding reception floor plan. A proper strategic envisaged plan helps the event run smoothly and helps guests feel at home. It is an important day of your life, and you dont want to mess it up.

But how you're going to do that? An excellent plan caters to three main factors. While planning your wedding reception floor plan, ensure Vision, accessibility, and motion. Space matters a lot, too; a venue shouldn't be too crowdy that it would make the place congested for guests. It shouldn't be so roomy that guests find it challenging to converse with someone at the other table. Confused? Don't worry; let us guide you about envisioning an efficient reception floor plan for your big day!

Choose the Best Venue

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanWhen you both get engaged, a wedding venue is the first thing you should start looking for. Wedding venues should be selected and booked a year before the wedding. Choose a venue that goes by your wedding tones, i-e, classic, chic, rustic, etc.

Another crucial factor that needs your consideration is the budget. It all depends on the budget. And the budget includes all the costs, including booking a venue, catering, music, etc. While making the final decision, think first, is it all worth spending? The venue's hygiene maintenance, the food quality, the space provided, the behavior and training of staff, etc.

Create a Unique Entry

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanThe most thrilling moment everyone's been waiting for is the couple's entry. Every bride is special and desires a unique entrance. The good news is that you can be creative while entering your reception venue. How about surprising your family and friends and coming up with your story? How did you two meet? A song dedication, the place your first met, etc.

Want something more creative? How about an entry with a bang? Surprise your guests with a well-choreographed dance; use your friends as back dancers to add more fun. It's the most beautiful and memorable day of your life, and you deserve every right to make a statement of your love.

Decide Where to place Dance Floor and DJ/Band

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanThe most enthralling part of wedding planning is deciding on a band and a dance floor for your wedding. Music adds zeal and zest to the atmosphere. Let your favorite song be played and you're dancing cheek to cheek  with your significant other. A DJ or music band can break or make the reception, so hire someone who isn't costly and someone you can trust with your money.

Deciding a dance floor for your wedding is an essential job. It's a place where all your guests would dance to celebrate your love. Keep in mind the costs being incurred, your theme, and the number of guests being invited before selecting a dance floor for your wedding.

Consider Table Arrangements

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanAbout 40% of weddings are about the table, the linen, plates, cutlery, chairs, decor, etc. You can select any shape for your wedding table i-e round, rectangle, or oval. Consider which will be more feasible for your guests; for example, the rectangular table caters to more people. In contrast, a round table provides more leg room.

Including table numbers at the wedding would be a great addition as it adds hierarchy and helps run your reception smoothly. If you're tight on the budget and the venue is small, you prefer choosing a sweetheart table instead of a big head table.

Add Food Tables

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanUse your wedding to bring out your inner creative foodie by selecting a delish menu for your big day. It is when you and your significant other can come up with fun drinks and favorite food combos to use as your wedding's menu. Be cautious about the food you choose for your menu, as people will talk about it for years.

Choosing a buffet food table for your wedding is very easy. It is accessible to guests. Choosing an L-shaped table would be ideal as it can accommodate many dishes. Use basic white table cloth, place larger plates at one corner, use big platters, place flatware at the side of every dish, etc. Remember to place the dessert and the cake table near the food tables as it is the highlight of your menu.

Pro Tips

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

Following are some handy tricks and tips for your wedding day.

  1. Have a sensible placement of DJ, Dancefloor, Bar, etc.
  2. Be careful about the sound of the speakers, not too loud or not too low.
  3. Make sure the lighting aspect is perfect i-e on the dance floor, cake cutting while giving toasts, etc.
  4. Take account of the space i-e people should move easily between the tables.
  5. Mark exits within the venue to make it easy for guests to leave.
  6. Make payments to any vendor or officiant (If you are not officiating) to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  7. Try to merge the families of both sides, avoid having the whole family of the bride or groom on one side of the reception only.
  8. Remember to number your tables for the feasibility of wedding guests.
  9. Make sure to place the old guests away from the DJ or music table.
  10. It is highly advisable to hire a wedding planner and enjoy your wedding.

End Note

How to Design Your Wedding Reception Floor PlanGetting married isn't a piece of cake; it needs prior planning and efficient management. From booking your venues to deciding on a honeymoon destination, it's a costly and tedious job. But we dont get married every day; it embarks a beautiful journey with your soulmate. With cost-effective planning and vigilance, you can have your dream wedding. We hope we've made your journey hassle-free while suggesting your big day's floor plan. Are you getting married? Have you decided on your DJ and venue yet? Please let us know in the comments below.

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