The Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Your Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the eye candy of any wedding reception. A lovely way of expressing your wedding’s aesthetic sensibilities, centerpieces add drama and flair to any dinner table. But with the millions of design options out there, it can be daunting to decide on something.

There are general guidelines you should consider when picking out your centerpieces. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of what makes an ideal centerpiece will narrow down what to look for so you can focus on incorporating your personal style. Let’s get started with our wedding centerpiece checklist!tips to choose wedding centerpieces

DO Pick A Theme

If you’re thinking about centerpieces for your reception, then chances are you’ve already settled on your wedding's theme. Themes are the roadmap you follow when planning the rest of your wedding, with each element tying back to it in some way. Your centerpieces are one part of that––and a vital one! Your wedding party and guests will be looking at it throughout dinner and the rest of the reception, so make sure they help unify the vision!tips to choose wedding centerpieces


DON’T Forget About Your Venue

Different venues call for different centerpieces. Not only must you consider any safety regulations the venue may have for things such as fire, but you have to keep the venue’s vibe in mind. Ideally, wedding centerpieces contribute to a wedding’s architecture and atmosphere.

If your reception is being hosted in a venue with tall ceilings, towering columns, and an air of grandness, then consider using taller centerpieces. Tall centerpieces will entice the eye to look upward, guiding their gaze to the rest of the venue space. Small centerpieces do not have the size to carve out spaces in open environments. What short centerpieces are effective at is creating cozy intimacy in a small venue, whereas tall ones might be too dominant.

It comes down to working with the space you have and choosing centerpieces that complement the venue rather than contrast it.


DO Vary The Centerpieces Heights

As wedding centerpieces complement their environment, they should also complement one another in the reception's design. This will mean varying their size and shape.

Tall centerpieces are dramatic, eliciting “wow’s!” from your guests. But the wow factor will wear off, revealing a potentially bare tablescape. One way to prevent this is by incorporating shorter centerpieces around the tall ones. This will give your guests more to look at it while emphasizing the beauty in each piece.


DON’T Obstruct Your Guests’ Visionstips to choose wedding centerpieces

Sure, we love playing with height and lush tablescapes, but your guests sure won’t if your centerpieces block their line of sight! No one wants to shuffle around an arrangement to catch the reception’s festivities, so keep your centerpieces accessible.

Tall centerpieces should be tall enough to not block sight lines, designed so a guest will have a clear view regardless, or be off the table entirely. And, speaking of tables…


DO Consider Your Table Shape

Tables play a large role in determining the best centerpiece designs.

Circular tables are excellent for conversation but will also have smaller spaces in the center. A singular centerpiece will be the best choice in this case, as it will not be too overbearing.

Square tables give you ample space to play around with. Make the most of this table type by filling out the space with a full and detailed centerpiece. Have fun and experiment!

Using rectangular tables? Make use of many centerpieces, specifically ones that incorporate many pieces. A garland of flowers, anyone?tips to choose wedding centerpieces


DON’T Limit Yourself to Only Florals

While I’m a big fan of flowers, not everyone else. Especially fresh florals, which can wrack up a large chunk of change in a person’s budget.

There is no wedding rulebook out there saying that you have to only use florals. Now more than ever is a ton of options for you to pick from.

Pots of succulents are a trendy choice right now instead of greenery. Other favorites include centerpieces focused around candles and lanterns; imagine the warm romantic lighting of them! Glass elements such as jars and sculptures are another beautiful (and colorful) choice, along with birdcages, wine, and champagne bottles, picture frames, and anything else under the sun. If it sparks joy, then be sure to use it!


DO Get Creative and Have Fun!

The best wedding receptions highlight the wedding couple’s tastes and styles, and centerpieces are a part of this. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the “Popular on Pinterest” box and come up with unique design elements.

Centerpieces are one of the most fun and festive parts of a reception’s decor, and whatever you choose should, above all else, evoke that for you. Experiment and try something new––you never know what you’ll fall in love with!

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