Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding?

A head table is a long rectangular table where the groom and bride decide who gets to sit with them. It's a table where the most important people sit with the bride and groom, family, friends, co-workers, bridal party, etc. The placement and inclusion of a head table in your wedding planning are highly essential.

Most guests usually like planned seating arrangements, which shows you thought about them beforehand. It's essential to have a prior discussion with your significant other about seating arrangements on the head table. Either you are going to make your intimate family sit with you or decide the other way; it should be your mutual decision.

The Pros and Cons of a Head TableDo I Need a Head Table at Wedding

With the advancement of recent weddings, sweetheart tables are a new wedding trend. People are mostly opting for sweetheart tables as it's romantic and gives plenty of time for the couple to cozy up. On the other hand, the head table is about festivity and celebration. How about your whole family sitting together at a single table? Let's evaluate some pros and cons of using a head table at your reception.Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding


1. Celebrate Love:

    What is more unique and romantic than spending your big day with your loved ones? Arranging your family and friends to sit close to you shows what they mean to you. The memories you'll make will last forever.

    2. Bridal Party:

    Your friends and family play a very crucial part in your wedding planning. Any wedding looks incomplete without their presence. Most of us ask our best friends to be the best man and maid of honor. Inviting your bridal party to the head table shows a lovely gesture and compassion towards the most special people in your life.

    3. Lesser Tables:

    With the inclusion of the head table compared to the sweetheart table, you will have to use fewer tables. A head table can cater to as many people as you want. Even in some weddings, the couple, bridal party, and the whole family sit together to enjoy the wedding.Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding


    1. Awkward For Couples:

      Think twice if you're planning to have a head table for your bridal party. How awkward it would be for the dates or partners of your bridal party as they've to sit alone. If you want to avoid the problem, then choose a sweetheart table.

      2. No Personal Time:

        Unlike a sweetheart table, a head table prevents your privacy. You just got married, and you can't wait to start your life with the love of your life. There's so much you both have planned for this big day, how you feel, complementing each other, etc. Only a sweetheart table lets you have a moment alone with each other, not the traditional head table.

        3. Big Layout:

          A large head table would look lovely, but it gathers a lot of space. It affects your seating arrangements for other guests too. Imagine you're low on budget and select a small venue for your union. Just imagine! What an utter mess this table would cause at your reception. However, a sweetheart table wouldn't have caused such a hassle.

          Sweetheart Table vs. Head Table

          A well-planned seating arrangement in a wedding indicates the couple's efforts for hierarchy. Not only is it easy for the wedding guests to be seated at an event, but also it shows your guests that you care for them. Let's explore the insides of a sweetheart and a traditional head table.

          Sweetheart Table:Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding

          A sweetheart table is a lavishly decorated table for the newlywed couple so they can spend some time alone. Not only does this table represent your love but your creativity as well. You can decorate it as you like it. While you two are having the time of your life, your guests would feel less intimidated and could easily approach you from the crowd.

          Along with other wedding traditions, one puts a lot of effort, time, and money into preparing a delicious food menu and drinks. Only a sweetheart table gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your delish meal with your significant other.

          Head Table:Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding

          A head table is a table where the whole family sits together. A sweetheart table would be a disaster for the hermits as all eyes would be on you. Imagine every laugh you make or bite you take being noticed. Not everyone loves the spotlight; some likes to avoid the limelight.

          Also, it would look unprofessional if people came up to you, especially your close ones, to talk to you. A head table with all family and friends would allow you to have your little union. Feel less isolated and spend the most beautiful day of your life with your loved ones.Do I Need a Head Table at Wedding


          Imagine your wedding day; you're done with vows and dinner. Now you're sitting on the head table with your beloved and looking at the dance floor. When you see everyone dancing for you, it melts your heart and makes you happier. But did you ever wonder who sits with you and your other half?

          The answer is very hard as you don't want to disappoint anyone. But the truth is only a few and most memorable people get to sit at the head table. It could be an immediate family member, a guest of honor, a close friend, etc.

          It's your day, and only you have to decide who you want to sit with, all of your guests or just the two of you. We hope we've made your journey a little easier in deciding to opt for a head table or not. Are you planning to include it in your reception? Let us know in the comments below.


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