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Welcome to NUPTIO online direct-sale store!

You may have seen parts of products from NUPTIO before we launched our online direct-sale store. In supermarkets, shops, bars, or when attending the wedding of friends or parties, they are placed in different positions, integrated well into the scenes, and complement each other.

Beautify your life with enthusiasm. It is nothing to do with hypocrisy but a matter of love for your life. Because of enthusiasm, we keep on moving; we lead a life with a grateful heart; we live through the long years soft and warm.

Derived from the enthusiasm for life, NUPTIO has launched home and wedding decoration articles. These items can be hung, wall-mounted, or used as tabletop ornaments. Using them carefully will bring you vigorous vitality and present the years in a more meaningful way.

Sometimes, you may have noticed such products but don't know where to buy them. Sometimes, you might not be able to find the style you like or have a bad shopping experience for such products.

To this end, we launched the NUPTIO brand direct-sale store.

NUPTIO direct-sales store is a one-stop shopping store for home furnishings and wedding decorations. You can easily find some good websites to buy clothing, 3C, or outdoor products, but it is difficult for you to find a pragmatic, diverse and affordable home furnishing store due to the wide range of categories and styles in this field.

Compared with fashion, we care more about pragmatism. The choice of decorations is more connected with the understanding of the life of different people. It is a natural feeling for life, rather than fashion. Each of our products is biased towards classic and pragmatic styles, which can withstand the test of the years.

The classic, instead of being less, is diverse. Different perspectives have different preferences. Each item in NUPTIO is carefully selected, and we will also release the new items regularly to provide you with more choices.
NUPTIO is a brand affordable for everyone. In NUPTIO, decorations are not luxuries, so you don't need to pay high prices because we always believe the pursuit of a better life has nothing to do with wealth. NUPTIO has adopted an online direct sales model to reduce the intermediate links of product circulation and provide each partner with a preferential price.

Hope you can find your favorite products on NUPTIO. You might as well think about how your favorite item can match the scenes in daily life and the special meaning of each of them. If you are planning a wedding, you can browse through our series of products specially designed for weddings/parties, which can be used in ceremonies, reception desks, dessert tables, and wedding banquets.

Enthusiastic about life with NUPTIO.

We have opened a YouTube channel. If you want to know how to use the product, please search NUPTIO on YouTube.

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