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If you ever decide to serve the cake at a wedding, you know it is important to have a wedding cake stand as part of the setup. The wedding cake stand is vital for display and still holds the cake appropriately to keep it from falling over.

There are several options when seeking a wedding cake stand. Which one to choose? We give tips on choosing the wedding cake depending on the factors below.

Should Wedding Cake Stand Be Bigger Than Cake

Choosing a cake stand starts with the size of the wedding cake. The wedding cake size is measured in terms of diameter. You can expect most to be from 6 inches all the way to 16 inches. You can also make square cakes with sides measuring 6 inches to 16 inches too.

Whichever shape you take, make sure that the size of the stand is not too small. The wedding cake stand diameter needs to be slightly larger in diameter than the cake.

A good example is when the wedding cake is 10 inches in diameter, the cake stand can be 10 inches to 12 inches to offer enough room to hold the cake better.

When there is a cake overhang on a cake stand, then it makes the stand unstable.

Considering that wedding cakes are heavy, the last thing you would want is to make the wedding cake stand feel flimsy and fall over easily.

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Cake Stand For Your Wedding

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Other than the overall size of the cake stand, there are other things to consider too. They include:

Number of Tiers

The number of tiers someone can choose is mostly a preference and the number of cakes you have made for the wedding.

Couples work with wedding cake designers to bake cakes that can fit a certain pattern on the cake stand. Of course, more cake might be necessary if you want to feed more people.

The Cost

What is the price of the wedding cake stand? Would you like to buy or rent?

Considering that, at times, you would not be using the same cake stand ever again, some people often opt to rent. Renting one can start as low as $25. However, if you want to buy, some can go as high as $600.

The cost also depends on the material used and the number of tiers. Having many more levels will mean spending more to get that cake stand.

Material and Color

You may choose a wedding cake stand matching your wedding theme. So, what are the color options from a company? You can always check out the different options available before settling on one.

Also, consider looking at the material used. Wedding cakes are heavy, thus the need to have a stand made of strong materials. A metal cake stand can be ideal, but you can also consider those made of plastic or glass.

So long as the wedding cake stand has a strong base, it can handle most cakes.


Consider how you would use the cake stand in the future. Depending on the design, a cake stand can still be used for other applications. This includes displaying cupcakes, appetizers, pastries, and more during holiday functions at home.

Make sure that if you are buying a cake stand, it should be multipurpose to put it to great use from time to time.

Design Styles

It can be common that you may want to get yourself a nice wedding cake stand. For you to do this, the design style is vital to consider. So, what are the options?

It is normal for people to get styrofoam cake stands from bakeries. These are single-use cake stands and often do not have many styles.

The Victorian garden style was made popular during the Victorian era. This style is also quite popular and can suit those going to Victorian garden weddings. Also, if you want more ornate on the cake stand, this is how you do it.

Iron cake stands offer quite a special design different from what you usually get with other cake stands. Some can have scrolls to meet your styling needs. Most of these iron cake stands will be handmade. This allows you to customize its look to suit the wedding theme.

A glass wedding cake stand will also be a good change to the usual cake stands you see on the market. Some glass stands can also have other materials as the base and glass for the other tiers. As you can see, getting different styles and picking the right one is possible.

Where to Buy Wedding Cake Stands

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Now that you know more about what to consider when buying a cake stand, the next question that comes to mind is, where do you get these cake stands?

There are plenty of places you can get cake stands. The first one will be Tableclothsfactory. Since they are selling cakes, you can expect that you would also have the cake stands as part of the package or at a fee. You can get them for rent, or you could still buy them depending on your needs.

You can also check Amazon for ideas on the best cake stands. Go through the listing and sort based on material, size, or price; you should have several options. Many other online stores sell cake stands, so be sure you will get the best design that works for you.

We have also seen cases where some clients can have heirloom cake stands that have been passed down in their family tree for years.

You can walk into stores close to your place and check them out too. They might have what you need for a wedding cake stand to use.


The best thing about cake stands is that they can give you the best display of your cake. What is important is putting a lot of thought into coming up with the best cake stand. You can consider shopping around our store to find the right cake stand.


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