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When you walk into a wedding setup, you will likely see several decorations, including a trumpet vase with hydrangeas. You might even wonder how the florist decided the number of hydrangeas to put in a single trumpet vase. For this reason, how many hydrangeas for the wedding trumpet vase should you use?

The number of hydrangeas in a trumpet vase depends on the size of the centerpiece in most cases. If you want to do a small centerpiece, then 2 to 4 hydrangeas should be good. As for medium centerpieces and large centerpieces, 5 and 10 hydrangeas can be used, respectively.

Hydrangeas In Trumpet Vases Ideas

Here are ideas on how you can set up hydrangeas in trumpet vases with ease. Let us check them out together.

Hydrangeas and White Roses

white flower centerpiece in trumpet vase for table decor

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A good trumpet vase will easily work with different hydrangeas flowers. You can expect it to work well with both hydrangeas and white roses too. We also see that people would still add more to the candles to spruce up the whole look and make the wedding setup look beautiful.

A clear vase should work well as it allows you to see across the table when seated with several people.

White Hydrangea With Greenery

greenery filler in trumpet vase

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Whenever you want to get the best greenery, it is possible to combine it also with hydrangeas. They would generally work well together, even with the addition of sticks to create an additional look.

In terms of placement, you can have such on the tabletop or keep it on the floor, and it will still look good being part of the trumpet vase.

Golden Trumpet Vase With Stylish Hydrangeas

gold trumpet vase for wedding tables

Colors matter a lot for people who might be looking to make their weddings stand out with a  vase. For this case, we have a golden trumpet vase styled with several types of hydrangeas. As a result, you can enjoy a beautiful look at the wedding.

The same also works well with different applications and not just weddings. As such, you can use the same at home too.

Hydrangea Centerpieces In A Crystal Trump Vase

Hydrangea Centerpieces In A Crystal Trump Vase

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A crystal trump vase will be a good thing for your wedding decoration. We see that you can add as many hydrangeas as possible to match the many crystals that come with the vase. We can also see that using candles in equally tall candle holders would help a lot in sending a strong, stylish message.

Get Creative With Hydrangeas

creative floral centerpieces with trumpet vase

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When you are looking to make the most of your wedding decoration, you would not mind using many flower types. In such a case, you can create anything that you may have always thought is hard. We recommend coming up with as many hydrangeas types as possible to have a colorful centerpiece.

Stunning Floral Trumpet Vase

floral arrangement trumpet vase vintage

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The good thing about a vase is that it can always get several materials to make such vases. For this case, we see that you can get a silver vase with beautiful detail. We can see that it can easily hold many stems of the hydrangeas so that it looks beautiful also. This setup would be a good choice even for formal dinners, not necessarily at a wedding.

Hydrangea, Baby's Breath, And Pale Pink Roses

tall vase glass

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The beauty about a trumpet vase is that it can always work well with various flowers in addition to hydrangeas. We see that a combination of pink roses and baby’s breath should work well, too, in the same vase. Do not limit yourself to these three flowers. However, we recommend that you also space them correctly, so they do not look too crowded.

Rain Curtains Plus Hydrangeas

glass trumpet vase for table centerpieces

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If you are going to have a beautiful dinner after the wedding, then such a setup is nice to have for your reception decoration. It is generally easy to set up, considering most of the flowers shown can be easily found in different shops around you. You should pair hydrangea with other flowers in season to save on costs while keeping the flowers looking great.

Simple But Classy

classic trumpet vase wedding centerpieces

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Sometimes you just want something simple yet classy. As the image above shows, a trumpet vase may help you achieve that. Looking at the setup, we see how such a vase type creates a clean setup that does not block the people sitting opposite each other from talking. Still, the hydrangeas are not the only ones in the vase; you also get ivory roses, baby’s breath, and white stock.

White Hydrangea Ceremony Mix

White Hydrangea trumpet vase

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The flexibility of hydrangea still remains unmatched. We find that it even works well when combined with greenery. The resulting setup is good for home decoration as well as the being used for wedding decoration. The shiny look of the vase gives a clean finish that also leaves you enjoying what you paid for as part of the decoration.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces

tall table centerpieces for wedding

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Of course, you would not mind the tall centerpieces on a wedding table if they are generally done right. We can see those hydrangeas are good at ensuring you get beautifully tall centerpieces all the time. It is even better when you can add candles to it. Such a candle-lit dinner would be a good thing because of the decorations on the table.


The one thing that trumpet vases do well is how they can make hydrangeas pop. These vases are good for different occasions, meaning you can also take the hydrangeas to different setups. Just make sure you are creative with how you plan the arrangement. There is nothing wrong with choosing other flower types that pair well with hydrangeas.


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