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Hanging glass globes are versatile and create unique decorations. Whether you want a woodland, rustic, or glam look, they're great for weddings. You can buy them online and fill them with plants and votives for an outdoor ceremony. Hanging multiple glass globes filled with flowers adds dimension to your ceremony arch. You may dangle the candle holders from tall centerpieces on your reception tables.

There are numerous ways to use hanging glass globes at your events. Explore the catchy ideas below and find what works best for your event. But before that, consider the best places to buy hanging glass globes to glam your event.   

Where to Buy Hanging Glass Globes?

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You can trust a reliable online store to buy hanging glass globes for your event. Such a store must have a wide variety of hanging glass globes available. You may visit specialty wedding stores specializing in wedding supplies and decorations. Such stores may carry a selection of glass globes. 

Moreover, some florists might offer you hanging glass balls as a part of their wedding decor services. Regardless of where you buy your hanging glass balls, shop around and compare prices to get the best deal.

Lastly, you can make amazing DIY hanging glass holders for event decor. Check out the following tutorial on creating such decorations using glass globes or other materials. 

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Steps to Hang Glass Globes

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- Choose a Location

Firstly, decide the right location where you want to hang the glass globe. The location could be indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference and the globe's design. 

- Select the Appropriate Hardware

Choose the right hardware for hanging your glass globe. You may need to use chains, hooks, or other such kinds of hardware depending on the weight and size of the globe. 

- Choose the Contents to Fill in the Hanging Glass Globe

Decide what you want to place inside the globe. You have multiple options, such as succulents, air plants, flowers, mini decor items, small terrariums, or fairy lights. Further, consider filling the globe with rocks, sand, or other decorative elements. Meanwhile, take the objects' size and weight to ensure they fit well inside the globe and not cause the hanging glass globe to become imbalanced. 

- Ready the Contents

If you are using live plants like succulents, ensure their suitability for the environment and have enough water and light. Besides, if you use decorative objects or artificial flowers, clean them and arrange them finely before putting them inside the globe. 

- Open the Globe Carefully

Hanging glass globes usually come with an opening or a removable lid. When handling them, consciously open the globe while securely holding it to avoid dropping or causing any damage.

Moreover, consider the dimensions and heaviness of the objects you'll put inside the glass globe, ensuring they're proportionate and won't make it unbalanced when hanging.

- Arrange the Elements

Put the selected contents inside the globe, pleasingly arranging them. Be unique and creative with your design, considering colors, textures, and sizes to create an appealing display.

- Secure the Globe

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, close the globe safely, and make sure it is tightly sealed. If the hanging glass globe has its lid, put it back and ensure it is easy in its place. 

Ensure the stability of the hanging glass globe by gently shaking it after closing it to check for any loose components or movement.

Hanging Glass Globe Unique Decor Ideas

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1. Use a Glass Globe As a Candle Holder

You may insert a tea light or other small candle into the globe and hang it inside or outside for a delightful ambiance. Also, it would create a warm and cozy ambiance. 

2. As a Pendant Light

Using a hanging glass globe as a pendant light can create a stylish and beautiful lighting feature in your space. You can install a light fixture inside the globe and hang it from the ceiling to create a unique lighting fixture. You need to gather the necessary material for it. We assure you you can enjoy its beautiful illumination of it. But everything should be workable and set up for this. 

3. Use as a Bird Feeder

Using a hanging glass globe as a bird feeder can be creative. It is a visually pleasing way to attract birds to your yard. Fill the inside of the globe with birdseed and hang it externally in a tree. Always remember to choose the right glass globe and feeding mechanism for this.

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Tips for Hang the Globe 

Attach an appropriate hanging mechanism to the globe's top, such as a ribbon, string, or metal hook. Make sure it is safely fastened, as it would prevent the globe from falling and breaking. Moreover, hang it from a bracket or sturdy hook, considering the weight of the globe and its contents. This unique idea would add visual interest by creating a sense of movement. Also, it would create a cohesive and dramatic look at your place. 

Glass Globe Maintenance 

Depending on the material inside the globe, you may need to provide occasional care to your hanging glass globe. For this, live water plants, as required, remove dead flowers or leaves, if any. Also, remember to clean the glass timely to keep it looking clear and graceful.


Utilizing hanging glass globes for your home decor and DIY projects opens up creative possibilities. Whether you fill them with plants and votives for a whimsical outdoor ceremony, hang them with flowers to add dimension to your wedding arch, or use them as pendant lights or bird feeders, these versatile globes bring a unique touch to any setting. Let your imagination soar as you incorporate hanging glass globes into your space, adding elegance and charm to your surroundings.
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