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Beautifying your reception tables is a tiring part of wedding planning. The world of wedding centerpieces is vast. It ranges from classy flowers to neon light installations and everything in between. These are eye-catching focal points that enhance the ambiance of your wedding reception. 

Centerpieces act as a central point for each table. They are good at drawing guests' attention and creating an inviting atmosphere. They add beauty, elegance, and style to the tables, creating an appealing and cohesive look. A well-designed centerpiece can complement the wedding theme, color palette, and decor scheme. 

We have put a detailed guide to every type of wedding centerpiece. See what suits you best.  Then, start designing wedding centerpieces that fit your style and wedding theme. Consider this guide for everything you need to know about topping your tables. It includes a stage backdrop, theme-based decorations, royal décor, and more.

Your Guide to Different Wedding Centerpiece

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Floral Arrangements Centerpiece

These are the most popular type of wedding centerpieces. Flowers are arranged in many styles and shapes. The flowers used in this type of centerpiece can vary. 

Candelabra Centerpieces

These centerpieces are specific to feature fancy candle holders with candles on top. You may choose a candelabra wedding centerpiece with crystal accents. The crystals will catch the light and create a dazzling display. Pair it with pastel-colored or neutral candles for an elegant touch. Candelabra centerpieces can come with greenery, flowers, and other decorative elements.

Lantern Centerpieces

Lanterns can make unique and beautiful centerpieces. They appear with flowers, candles, or other decorative elements. The flowers inside lanterns' wedding centerpieces may include roses or peonies. Arrange the blossoms around the base for a fancy centerpiece. 

Greenery Centerpiece 

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The centerpiece can be greenery such as ivy or eucalyptus for a natural look. Using loose leaves and Garlands is a fine way to dress a table, particularly if you plan to have long tables. The greenery threads can follow the length of the table. Greenery gives a luxurious look without costing as much as loads of blossoms.

Vase Centerpieces

Flowers are only a single part of the centerpiece. The vases you put the stems inside matter as well.  The table vase adds another level of dimension to your centerpiece. It includes classic glass vases to acrylic holders, and ceramic pitchers. Remember to use the vases' colors, materials, and styles to reflect your event's vibe.

You can go with putting wildflowers in camping mugs for your glamping wedding. Also, you may match and combine such silver and gold bud vases among metal planters. Take care of the size of the floral arrangements on the table while using this idea so it does not intercept the view.

Chandelier Centerpiece

chandelier wedding centerpiece

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Nothing makes a dinner party feel more majestic than a beautiful chandelier centerpiece. Imagine falling a crystal chandelier above your dinner table if your venue says chateau. Lanterns appear fantastic for tented celebrations or those in countryside locations. Further, floral shape chandeliers combine the best of both worlds. You may even complement them with an illuminating installation above the dance floor. You can enjoy an al fresco affair by furnishing a system to hang chandeliers above tables. They seem like floating in the air. Such wedding centerpieces can provide a unique look to your wedding event.

Statement Vases

This works to impress your guests with pieces of colored or matte ceramic glass material. The jars provide your centerpiece with more detail. You can check out our statement vases which come in various shapes and colors to echo the vibe of your big day. We assure you that they can be an amazing choice for wedding centerpieces. 

Crystal Centerpieces

Crystals filled with candles or flowers can create an elegant and stunning centerpiece. The light will reflect off the crystal, creating a dazzling effect. You may hang a small crystal chandelier above each table as a centerpiece. Creating a gorgeous focal point and enhancing the ambiance of the reception space.

Another amazing idea is using crystal bead curtains as a background for your head table.  The sparkling crystals will add a trendy look. Crystal centerpieces can combine with other decorative elements for more glam.

Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces can be a great option for a fun and festive wedding. You may combine flowers and balloons for a unique centerpiece. Attach helium-filled balloons to a vase and arrange fresh flowers around the base. Such a combination adds a pop of color and texture to your tables. Consider filling clear glass terrariums with small balloons, flowers, or greenery. This unique centerpiece idea adds a touch of whimsy.  Also, you can see the option to customize and match your wedding theme.

Rustic-Chic Centerpieces

It is one of the most recognized wedding centerpieces. You can have a mix of both rustic and elegant. This will give a lush celebration with a rustic feel as well. Also, it will give your event a country vibe and often natural decor elements. It is often a popular choice for adding charm and elegance to various occasions and events.

Table Number Centerpieces

table number wedding centerpiece

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Table numbers add a stylish touch to your wedding party. Pairing table numbers with centerpieces is a great idea so that the numbers do not block the arrangement. Besides, the numbers and the flower vessels must be in a cohesive look. Consider skipping the traditional numbered card.


Centerpieces add elegance to your wedding reception. The above wedding centerpiece ideas will help you personalize your wedding reception.  They create a memorable and inviting aura for guests. Our guide to wedding table centerpieces provides all the essential information you need.  These ideas would perfect taste and style for your weddings.

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