How Much Can You Spend On Wedding Flowers?

There is no doubt that flowers serve an essential role in any wedding to the point people are willing to spend so much on them. If you are not careful, you might spend too much on flowers when you still have other important things to budget for a successful wedding.

Some might ask themselves, what is the best cost for a wedding flower arrangement? Can you get it at an affordable price? We answer all those questions in the guide below. Keep reading to learn more.

Wedding Budget Guide: Wedding Flowers Average Cost

Several things would affect the wedding flower arrangement. The most critical factor would be the type of flowers. Some flowers are generally more expensive than others.

Other things that can affect the cost of the wedding flowers include the centerpieces, decor, number of tables, and more. Of course, the season could also affect the price as it determines what would be available for sale.

You are advised to set aside around 8 to 10% of your wedding budget just for flowers. Data released by the Wedding Wire shows that people may spend up to $2,500 on flowers alone. This is even on the lower side because some can go as high as $8,000. Remember, the price includes flowers for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The best way to approach buying flowers is by working with a florist. Sometimes you might think you are saving by not hiring one, but you may even spend more.

Cost of Different Types of Wedding Flowers

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As mentioned earlier, the type of wedding flower arrangement can affect the price too. That is why we look at some of the top arrangements for a wedding and how much they cost below.

  • Bouquet for Bride

The bridal bouquet is something every bride wants to show off. This means it must be made to be gorgeous and generally stand out. Considering the number of people that would be looking at her, it is only fair to ensure the flowers also look good.

A good flower arrangement can start at $150. This is on the cheaper side, and it would mostly involve a few flowers found locally. The price goes up to $500 for a single arrangement if you want to add more exotic flowers.

The good thing with flower arrangements is that they can be easily varied, so the price can still be within your budget.

  • Bouquet for Bridesmaid

The bride's bouquet is expected to be the most costly compared to what the bridesmaids will have. The bridesmaid's bouquets cost from $40 to $60. If you have more budget for them, the cost can go as high as $75, but most people keep them simple.

Other than having flowers, some greenery might also be included to keep costs low and still maintain an elegant look.

  • Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Different florists might have different prices for wedding flower centerpieces. Of course, the size and number of tables can influence the price.

You can budget from $80 to $500 per table. This is not bad as it is a wide range which allows you to have the flower centerpieces within a price range you can afford.

Other than flowers, you could use other decorations to create a table centerpiece. Some people use lanterns, candles, pottery, and so much more. If the flowers are expensive, seek alternatives.

Guide to Wedding Florist Service

Wedding Florist flowers

A wedding florist service is quite essential; however, you might come across several florists in your area. How would you then pick the right one? Here are a few ideas on choosing a florist to get the best flowers.

Ask friends and family

Before you have to worry about where to get the best florist, simply consult with your friends and family. Someone might have hired a florist for their wedding or even before and loved their work. That is how you can easily get fast help and start planning your wedding.

Match your design needs

Each person would have a design in mind. The idea is to ensure the florist can share the same dream when coming up with the wedding flower arrangements. If the florist allows work with you, the better. This does not necessarily mean you have to be controlling, but simply share your ideas to get the most out of your budget for a wedding.

Talk more about the budget

The budget is essential in coming up with the best flowers for the wedding. It is only worth it if you can afford the wedding flowers.

Ask about the flowers' charges to see if they are something you can afford. So, besides paying for the flowers, you still have to pay for the florist's services. It is essential to ensure you can afford the services and flowers used to set up the wedding.

Ask all the questions

You might want to come up with a list of what you expect the florist to do. It is only then you can ask the right questions. We will still discuss in this section below for you to see some of the potential questions to ask. The aim is to ensure you always get help from a reliable and reputable florist.

Read reviews

You have seen nice photos of a florist's portfolio, and you are convinced that such a person could do an excellent job in helping you achieve the best wedding. However, what is their reputation, and what do reviews say?

The best way to learn about the reputation of someone is through reading reviews. You will quickly get this information if such a person has worked for others. It could be reviews on a website, popular reviews, or comment sections of the person's social media handles.

Go local

One good thing about hiring someone local is that you can always meet quickly and discuss further details of the floral arrangements. Sometimes you might want to hire someone because of their Instagram posts. However, that is not advisable. Also, someone outside town would come with additional charges, including food and accommodation.

Should You Hire a Wedding Florist?

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Sometimes people who want flower arrangements might find the florist's work simply to the point they want to do it themselves. Doing the centerpieces for a small party of just a few people is okay. However, planning for a wedding is a whole different game. That is why you may want to get the help of a wedding florist. Here are more reasons for hiring a wedding florist.

You are saving time.

A florist can save you a lot of time when it comes to planning and ordering flowers. Let us say you want enough flowers for the wedding ceremony, bridal party, and reception. This would mean ordering enough flowers to make all those arrangements. You can see that this requires time and proper planning while also attending to other parts of the wedding decor, food, and drinks.

Your experience in arranging flowers

The good thing about florists is that they have the experience of coming up with beautiful wedding flower arrangements and have a direct link with flower suppliers and growers.

A good example is that you can save more when you buy flowers in season. How would you know which flowers are in season and where to get them? When it gets to this point, using the help of a florist is highly advisable.

Also, the florist would know how to prep the flowers and keep them looking good despite the weather conditions. This is to ensure the flowers still look fresh even on the day of the event.

Cost savings

Sometimes you have to consider saving more on flower arrangements. So, a florist would have the right connections that can help with saving more money. Also, ordering the correct quantity of flowers help in reducing the potential waste you may have if you do it yourself.

Even those with a limited budget can still ask the florist to be more creative and get you wedding flower solutions within your budget. You could also get floral arrangement designs recommended for the budget you have in mind to fit your wedding theme.

Downsides of DIY wedding flowers

One thing you have to put in mind is just how messy DIY can get. If you have no experience, you might end up wasting a lot of flowers. The DIY process involves de-thorning roses, prepping flowers, and many others. All these tasks are time-consuming. If you do not consider such downsides, you might be overwhelmed with preparing wedding flowers.

Peace of mind

One thing we like about having a florist is that you would generally have peace of mind knowing that your affairs are being handled by a professional. You can shift the focus to planning other parts of the wedding or simply relax and wait for a beautiful wedding day. Who would not want that?

Make Sure to Ask These Questions to a Wedding Florist Before Hiring

If you are interested in hiring a florist, make sure to ask these questions:

  • Are you available for this wedding date?
  • What is your experience as a wedding florist?
  • How many people have you worked for as a wedding florist?
  • Where do you get your flowers?
  • Which flowers would you recommend?
  • What is your price for a complete wedding package?
  • Do you offer discounts on the florist services?
  • Which florist services do you provide?
  • How best do you suggest maximizing my budget?
  • When can you get started on wedding decorations?
  • Do you have a portfolio I can check?
  • Do you work with other decorative items other than flowers?

Money Saving Tips for Wedding Flowers


Anyone who is planning a wedding would be looking to save money overall. How best can you achieve this? We share ideas on saving money if you want the best wedding flowers.

Mix the expensive and inexpensive flowers

It would be the easiest way to save money when you want to have a wedding. We understand that sometimes you want your wedding to be filled with the most exotic wedding flowers that also look good. However, at what cost? So, it is best to see cheaper alternatives that also look good with the help of a wedding florist.

Combine with other decor options

A flower arrangement is not the only thing you can do as part of wedding decorations. You can always consider adding other decor options, such as lighting and different decor. Some people can opt for pottery if that is something the couples are into. You can see that you use fewer flowers and still create a bright wedding theme, just as you could have done with the flowers.

Repurpose flowers from the ceremony at the reception

It is possible you might decide to go big in terms of decorating the wedding ceremony to the point the reception area might not have all the best flowers. One quick trick you can do is reuse the ceremony flowers in the reception area. It can be done during the transition period when people are moving from the ceremony to the reception, and you are also having a photoshoot.

Mostly use wedding flowers in season or locally available

We always recommend you get the flowers locally to save on money. Importing flowers can be expensive, especially if you also want unique flowers. That is why you should buy from local suppliers.

Also, consider buying flowers in season. This is because they can be easily affordable compared to those that have to be imported.

Use greenery too

You can still combine greenery with flowers too. The plants would be free sometimes because you just pick them from the environment, and you now have a whole bouquet with the best looks.


Wedding flower arrangements are generally the most crucial part of wedding decoration. People want to make a statement, but sometimes they spend too much. So, this guide has helped you understand the average cost for flower arrangements and how to save. You can still have a great wedding with enough savings if you follow our tips above.

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