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Weddings are fun when it is the day of the ceremony to happen. However, not many people may understand the hustle you had to experience to get there. One of the struggles would be to create a good wedding decoration. The decorations will involve the use of wedding flowers. We want to see how much these flowers cost and who pays for them.

Who Is Responsible for the Wedding Flower Cost

Traditionally, the bride's family covers the wedding flowers' cost. This tradition goes way back and has held up for quite some time. This cost, paid for by the bride's family, was seen as supporting the couple's union and simply hosting a lavish celebration.

Other than the wedding flowers, the bride's family would also pay for many other aspects of the wedding. Such includes catering, decorations, reception venue, and ceremony venue.

You might generally wonder why this is the case. It has been like this because it is seen as the bride's family giving their daughter away and hosting the event, while the groom's side is the gift recipient.

Even though the tradition is still in practice, a lot of things have changed. The evolving societal norms have made it possible for new customs to come up. This means the cost of wedding flowers is no longer solely for the bride's family to cover. Most families are now open to splitting experiences, or the couples assume financial responsibility.

We see that financial capabilities, personal preferences, and cultural backgrounds can determine who pays for wedding flowers. Collaboration for both families is on the rise. However, some families might be adamant about changing and want to maintain financial autonomy. It depends on the family dynamics.

Reasonable Budget for Wedding Flowers

You must know the expected price range if you are okay with paying for wedding flowers. So, what is a reasonable budget for such flowers?

The price can vary depending on the type of flowers and their use. The bridal bouquet with an average price of $200, while the pin-on corsage is $20. That is a huge price difference, meaning you need more details about the flowers needed before finding the correct one.

The other notable flower types for a wedding and their potential prices are listed below.

  • Reception centerpieces: $100 to $600
  • Ceremony structures: $1000 to $5000
  • Head table florals: $1200
  • Cake flowers: $150
  • Boutonniere: $30
  • Wrist corsage: $20
  • Flower girl petals: $25

Those mentioned above are just but a sample. Check with your florist to get updated prices for the different wedding flowers.

Cheap Flowers for Weddings

Since we know the importance of wedding flowers, can we get them at affordable prices? Yes. Wedding flowers are readily available and cheaper if you know where to look. Below, we share with you cheap flowers for weddings to consider.

Nuptio Flower Balls For Wedding Centerpieces

wedding flower centerpiece

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These remain some of the best choices for elegant wedding flowers. We find them useful for making an elegant wedding banquet or even decorating a flower vase at home. Since they are made of silk, they feel soft to the touch and remain durable.

The versatility is a good thing for these flowers. Use them also for other special events or simply home decor. They suit the kitchen, dining table, bedroom, and many other places.

Nuptio Artificial Silk Rose Flower Bouquet

wedding flowers bouquet for decoration

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Nuptio made each flower ball contains 14 flower heads. The result is fuller wedding flowers for the event. It is even better with the various colors of flowers used in the flower ball. As such, the flower ball adds character, color, and depth to the wedding decoration.

The fake flowers are non-toxic as compared to some of the fresh flowers. We also see that the plastic base is more durable. Cleaning is also easy to a beautiful look all the time. Since they are artificial, they would not need water or sunlight to keep them looking bright at the wedding.

Nuptio Pack of 4 Flower Ball Arrangement

wedding flowers ball arrangment for centerpieces

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Consider this as an option since you get 4 pieces of flower bouquets at an affordable price. You will get 5 flower heads and 4 small flower buds. There is the use of high color saturation, which is vital for stimulating the real look of fresh flowers.

Some color options available for you to consider are white & pink, white, red, and pink. Also, the delivery time is fast to help you use it for the wedding decoration.

Inweder Wedding Arch Flowers

wedding flowers for arch decoration

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Other than buying bouquets, you may also consider such flower types. The biggest advantage of these wedding flowers is that they never wilt and come pre-assembled. This is vital for ensuring you can still have brightly colored flowers during the wedding.

We like the realistic and colorful appearance of the arch flowers. This is possible with the use of high-quality materials. These materials make the flowers appear soft and full. Even for the realistic look, they are still affordable.

Anna's Whimsy Artificial Eucalyptus Garland with Flowers

wedding flowers artificial garland

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In this case, you get a fantastic design for wedding flowers you can use during the wedding and also later at home once the event is over. We see a beautiful combination of white roses, layers of beautiful petals, and a eucalyptus garland.

Looking at the white and vivid roses, you can easily feel they look real. We also like the price as it matches the product quality. You may also find it a good choice for wedding flowers. Consider using it also for other applications such as room decorations and weddings.


The bride's family often covers the cost of wedding flowers. However, we can see a shift in this tradition; even the groom can cover the cost. The last thing anyone wants is to spend too much on the flowers. We have highlighted some of the top cheap flowers you can use today.

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