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You may have many old glass vases in your home, just collecting dust and taking up space. By the time they do this, you probably don't know what to do with these vases. However, all you need are exciting ways to repurpose such vases and make them useful and beautiful once again. 

So, what are the best ways to reuse the glass vases? Stick around to find out below. 

Restore Old Glass Vases

Before you can repurpose the glass vases, the first thing is to clean them. You will not need much. Get warm water, mild dish soap, a soft-bristle brush, and a microfiber cloth. 

Start cleaning by removing as much dirt and debris from the vase as possible. This can include any dust that has accumulated over the years. Next is to wash the vase in warm water and mild dish soap.

Ensure the vase is fully submerged in the cleaning solution, and use a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt in the interior. Once you are done, also clean the exterior, and rinse the vase in running water to remove all the dirt. 

Turn Them into Floral Centerpieces

The old glass vases can also be turned into floral centerpieces. This is vital for you to create stunning floral pieces with glass vases. 

The good thing about flowers is various options for you to consider. You may get fresh flowers, dried blooms, and even fake flowers. If decorated correctly, these floral centerpieces will suit many applications. 

If you have to settle for fresh flowers, choosing flowers in the season is best as it can help you save money. The dried flowers can be an option as they offer a rustic charm. The faux flowers are loved since they lack a lot of maintenance. 

Use as Candle Holders

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The glass vases are meant to hold flowers and other things. Some of them include candles. Yes, you can turn the vases into candle holders. It is definitely a touch of elegance and ambiance to a room or space. 

You can decorate the vases with candles in multiple ways. The first one is direct candle insertion. An example is inserting a taper candle into the vase and letting it offer light in the glass. It is often a soft and mesmerizing glow. 

If you have several vases, you could come up with clustered candle arrangements. This is where they are combined and arranged in patterns for a beautiful look. 

Make Terrariums 

Have you ever thought of coming up with terrariums or miniature gardens? This can be possible with the use of old glass vases. 

Ensure the vase has a wide opening to allow the plants to thrive and give you easy access for better maintenance. We recommend adding a layer of small rocks at the bottom vase to aid drainage. The next step is to choose suitable plants for a terrarium. Plants such as moss, air plants, and succulents will work best. 

Use For Storage

We have seen the fun way of using old glass vases, but there is a functional way of doing things.  In this case, we recommend using vases for storing and organizing various things around the office or home. 

The most common example is storing your beauty tools and makeup brushes. You could have decorative stones at the bottom for color and makeup brushes at the top. The other choice would be storing craft supplies such as beads, buttons, and more. 

You could still take the vase to the hospital to store your pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small office supplies. 

Make Decorative Crafts

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One of the favorite ways is to paint the vases. You can easily paint the vases with the recommended glass paint, ensuring it sticks. It is best to experiment with patterns and colors to see how good the vases look like. 

You may also consider etching the glass vases too. The etching process leaves the glasses with an elegant feel. You could use the etching cream plus stencils to ensure the vases look beautiful. Check out different tutorials on YouTube to see how you can etch glass at home. 

You can still create mosaic patterns on old vases by using glass beads, broken tiles, and many other small decorative elements. First, develop the pattern you want to achieve and start gluing the element to the vase. 

Outdoor Accents

Outdoor accents are a welcome idea to repurpose the old glass vases. One of our favorite options would be to use the vases as bird feeders. If you have birds living in your compound, providing them with nutrition would be a great way. 

The vases can also be decorated to make them good garden art. Use them as decorative planters. Fill the vases with soil and use them for planting herbs, small succulents, and herbs. 

The other choice is to add fairy lights to the vases and hang them around the garden. You will definitely end up with beautiful outdoor spaces. You can choose any fairy light color that works for your aesthetic needs. 

Gift Ideas

You may also want to consider personalized gifts when repurposing the glass vases. Such gifts often have a heartfelt touch, mostly for special occasions. So, how best can you achieve it? Consider creating memory jars, curated gift sets, trinket holders, and so much more. It will help you quite a lot. 

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decorations work well for old glass vases. One of the options is to make Christmas centerpieces. Start by adding ornaments, fairy lights, and pinecones to create the centerpieces. 

Use the same glass vases for seasonal decorations such as easter tablescapes, thanksgiving displays, Halloween candle holders, and much more. 


The glass vases lying around your home have tremendous potential if you only know how to use them correctly. We find them a good option, especially for those who want to turn them into decorative items. We have shared tips on utilizing glass vases to suit your needs better and give them a new life. Try other ways they will work for the vases that are not on the list.

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