Top 11 Songs for Wedding Day

Wedding day songs can be interesting. This is because you want songs that help bring love into the environment while at the same time not being too serious so that everyone else also enjoys the playlist. For this reason, consider picking good and timeless songs that will generally keep everyone entertained.

Where would you start with picking songs for wedding? Here is a quick list to give you an idea of which songs you can use for a wedding day.

McFly “All About You”

McFly “All About You” wedding song

Tom Fletcher is the lead vocalist and lyricist of McFly. He went viral in 2013 for coming up with some of the best songs people could use at weddings. As much as he has many songs, one that stands out is “All About You,” which hits every romantic scenario you can imagine.

The National “Slow Show”

The National “Slow Show” song for wedding

You will enjoy Matt Berninger's deep voice when you listen to this song. This voice is one that generally makes the songs uplighting. So, even if you feel low at a wedding, the Slow Show song is bound to improve your mood. The song is a perfect choice for couples who want to enjoy their first dance together for as long as possible.

Iron & Wine “Love and Some Verse”

Iron & Wine “Love and Some Verse” song for wedding

The song is poetic and cryptic at the same time. Listening to its lyrics should help you just how good it is as part of songs for wedding day. A sample of the notable lyrics includes “Love is a dress you made long so as to hide your knees.”

Mac Miller ft. CeeLo Green “We”

Mac Miller ft. CeeLo Green “We” song for wedding

Mac Miller is quite talented to the point we are now listening to him at weddings too. The “Divine Feminine” album is quite interesting since it contains many great songs from Miller. Some people even say that his love for Ariana Grande inspired the album.

With the beautiful flowers on the table at a wedding, all you need is the song “We” from the album to complete the romance. The best part is how it is a jazz sound that can generally be relaxing.

Taylor Swift, “Delicate”

Taylor Swift, “Delicate” song for wedding

Taylor Swift is quite celebrated when it comes to music. For some who are her fans, it might not be easy to settle for just one song at their wedding. However, when you have to consider one song, then Delicate would be the one you pick.

Reading through the comments on YouTube under the song, you would see how people fell in love with it. Many people claim to experience a rejuvenation of their love powers.

JR JR, “Nothing But Our Love”

JR JR, “Nothing But Our Love” wedding song

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott are the duo who brought us such a great song that we now love among songs for wedding day. The song has summer and breezy vibes that can fill the whole room with love and laughter. In the song, you feel how it describes the determination and desire someone has towards another person and how they make them happy. It is a song you will remember even after listening to it once.

Alabama Shakes “Be Mine”

Alabama Shakes “Be Mine” song for wedding

If you have listened to Alabama Shakes, you know just how good this song would be when used among other songs on the wedding day. The band does quite well to give you the romantic side you might not have been used to. The good part is how you will love listening to more Alabama Shakes songs after this one.

Anderson .Paak “Luh You”

Anderson .Paak “Luh You” song for wedding

Anderson . Paak is one of the most respected musicians we have around. If you love his songs, this one will make your day. He came up with this song titled “Luh You,” which is an ideal choice for a classic wedding. How he raps, and the lyrics used just make sense. Considering how lively he is, you should enjoy listening to his songs even more often. Some claim that he appeals to both the young and old with this song.

Maccabees “Toothpaste Kisses”

Maccabees “Toothpaste Kisses” song for wedding

The song is 15 years old as of 2022, and it is still one of the best to consider if you want something raw, heartfelt, and youthful. The gentle instrumentals fit right with the verses to make it a top consideration among the songs for weddings. You could have a backyard wedding, and you just want to enjoy the mood; this song does it for you.

Beyonce, “All Night”

Beyonce, “All Night” song for wedding

We could not miss having Beyonce on the list of songs for the wedding. You may have thought we would mention “Crazy in Love” for Beyonce, but actually, you can go with “All Night” instead. The idea is that this one has lyrics that match the wedding vibe. The best part is how the song will still be groovy enough and sentimental to those getting married.

The 1975 “Medicine”

1975 “Medicine” for wedding song

Everything about this song is just right. This includes soothing production and lyrics. We can recommend such a song for slow dances. Of course, the newlyweds want such moments, and this song is here to make it happen. The lyrics are also simplistic to ensure the message gets passed along correctly.

How to Pick a Good Wedding Song

The songs mentioned above are just a few you may use at your wedding. In case you are not unsure how to pick a good wedding song, then you can follow this guide to see how best to choose one.

  • The venue

The venue should be a top consideration to ensure that you can come up with the best playlist. An example is if you are holding the wedding in a house of worship, then talk to the officials to see if there is a restriction on the music you can use. Some venues would have restrictions, so it is best to clear with them first so that you come up with the right playlist for the event.

  • History

The history between couples can help in choosing the right song. If you date for a while, you will have a favorite artist you listen to. It can also be a certain genre too. Make sure that you go through your favorite memories, and you should remember which songs work for you.

You could also surprise your partner with their favorite song. Maybe you listen to your partner sing while cooking or doing laundry. Your partner would be really happy that you know them quite well.

  • Lyrics

The lyrics are important when choosing a song. As expected, the lyrics should align with your love for each other. This might mean taking your time to listen to various songs and then settling for a few that work for your scenario. Make sure that each party contributes to the choice of songs so that it does not seem out of place on the wedding day.

  • The theme

A wedding theme can also influence the type of music you can use at the wedding. Let us say you want a backyard wedding; some songs would generally work with such a theme. It is the same for coastal weddings to ensure that people enjoy the overall theme and music.


Songs for the wedding day are supposed to be fun and lively. The options we have given you above will do that for you right away. We have listened to the lyrics too, and we find the songs suitable for you to use in at a wedding. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a good time at your wedding.


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