The Groom's Guide to Managing Wedding Party Size

Choosing the Right Number of Groomsmen for Your Wedding Party

Choosing the right number of groomsmen for your wedding party can be a difficult task. You want to have enough people to represent the groom and his family, but you don't want too many people so that your guests feel overwhelmed.

The number of groomsmen should depend on the size of the wedding party, which is typically made up of bridesmaids and ushers. On average, there are three or four groomsmen per bride, but this doesn't mean that you need to have that many.

No bridesmaids? If there are no bridesmaids, you need to have at least one extra male at the wedding party.the-grooms-guide-to-managing-wedding-party-size

What are Some Additional Responsibilities of the Groomsmen?

The groomsmen are responsible for giving their speeches at the wedding reception. They also have to keep an eye on their friend during the ceremony to make sure that everything is going well.


Some additional responsibilities of the groomsmen include:

- Helping the groom get dressed for the wedding

- Helping to arrange the groom’s suit and tie

- Helping with any last-minute errands before leaving for the ceremony

- Helping to rearrange the bridal party once inside the church

- Helping the bridesmaids arrange their bouquets and hand them to the bride

- Helping to straighten out and set the tables for the reception

- Helping to help arrange the bridal car, and directing traffic where needed

- Escorting the bride and groom around for photos

3 Things You Need to Include in Your Wedding Etiquette Booklets

1. What to wear: This section should include a checklist of what to wear, as well as any other items that are important to bring.

2. What to say: This section should include a list of things that they should never say on your wedding day, as well as what they should say if you are feeling nervous or excited.

3. How to behave: This section should include a list of dos and don'ts for the bridesmaid and groomsmen, pictures, and reception.


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