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The wedding reception has to be the fun part of the wedding. This is because people know they will find the drinks, food, snacks, and more. The most visited part of the reception is the Viennese tables. Such tables have food and snacks for everyone. This is enough for people to gather around them.

Dessert stands play a major role in ensuring the sweet treats are displayed correctly, and people actually love them. What are some of the options? Below is a researched list of the top dessert stands for wedding VIennese tables.

BalsaCircle 3 Clear Gold Metal Glass Cake Stands

geometric cake dessert stands

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This is a strong start for us. You can get such types of dessert stands to showcase the treats in style. The stand is crafted from a high-quality clear glass top. It does not matter which other application you use it for as the result will be good.

The multiple tiers are good for creating something unique and lovable. We recommend it for many treats such as cupcakes, occasion cakes, and other dessert goodies.

Miumaeov Cake Stand Dessert Table Display

cake and dessert stands

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You can use this set of multiple dessert stands for a wedding display. The product's finely polished surface makes it suitable for display and easy to clean. You may also wipe with a wet rag, and you should be good. There is also the use of high-quality material that does not rust, and the paint does not come off easily.

The stands are ideal for displaying cookies, muffins, cups, pastries, and more.

Nuptio Metal Mirror Wedding Cake Stand

wedding cake and dessert stands set of 3
Nuptio, as a brand, makes high-quality dessert stands. This is a precise example of what you would get with the company. Expect to enjoy premium quality in terms of craftsmanship and also hand-crafted design. The shiny gold chrome color also makes it suitable for many wedding decorations.

The dimensions of the stands make them good for displaying various desserts and cakes. That is why the same stand is meant for birthday parties, tea parties, housewarmings, baby showers, and more.

Square Maypole Cupcake Stand

square cake dessert stands for party

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The square shape can also be a nice way of displaying cupcakes. Such dessert stands have multiple ways in which you can arrange the cupcakes. We recommend trying out multiple orientations until you find the best wedding style.

Even though the dessert stands are square, the cupcakes should be different. To finish the look, try several cupcake designs and top it off with a full cake at the top of the stand.

Nuptio Wooden Cake Stand For Weddings

wooden cupcake stand

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The premium dessert stands will make the display of your cupcakes and other treats better. Achieve this when you use the wooden cake stand from Nuptio. The brand uses solid wood that ensures good durability. This is because a person can use the same for other applications.

The cake stand comes with only 2 simple parts. These parts make it easy to assemble and start using the stands. The disassembling part is vital for storing, transporting, and handling.

Ferris Wheel Metal Cup Cake Stand

silver wheel cupcake stand

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What we like about dessert stands is how they can easily take on different styles and designs. This is a great example of a cake stand you will remember once the event ends. Such lasting impressions are what you want to ensure that the guests love every moment.

The cake stand can hold up to 8 cupcakes at ago. This is good enough for holding several flavors of cupcakes. Try to have up to 8 flavors on one stand so that there are many flavors to consider and still a good pattern on the stand.

Nuptio 2-Tiered Wood Stand Rustic, Serving Tray

wooden 2 tiered dessert stand

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The 2-tier dessert stands are ideal for saving on the Viennese tables while at the same time packing more desserts. Place the desserts in various styles and use different treats other than cupcakes. You will generally be happy with the result of a beautiful display.

The wood stand is also made of sustainable solid wood, which is also durable and sturdy. The sturdiness is vital to carry multiple types of desserts at the same time. Also, use the same in the kitchen as a centerpiece for decorating your countertop.

Juvale 4-Piece Round Acrylic Cake Stand

acrylic dessert stands

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This one might have a simple design, but we like it for its functionality. Such dessert stands are versatile in how you use them. Other than the wedding Viennese tables, use them for baby showers or family gatherings.

The stands are made with acrylic material, which is easy to clean and maintain. If you use the stands more often, it will be easy to maintain their look. The pieces are shipped with a protective film, so remove them before using them for a beautiful look.

Nuptio Decorative Tray Dessert Stand

decorative tray crystal dessert stand

If you want beautiful displays for your dessert stands, choose this one. It is quite versatile, from being used to hold the desserts at a wedding reception to being used for organizing your makeup, jewelry, and makeup at home. It is common to find someone using the stand to serve guests drinks, canapes, or cakes.

The stands are made of metal, glass, and crystals. These are all vital materials that make the stands look good. As for colors, the main options are gold and silver. These are good colors for a fantastic display.


The dessert stands mentioned above make it easier for you to decorate your Viennese tables at a wedding. They also make it possible to better display the food, dessert treats, and fruits at an event. These stands will still find use in our homes once the events are over. As such, you would get them knowing they will be versatile products to own.

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