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The unity candle symbolizes the joining of two families, the creation of a blended family, and the merging of two individuals. It’s a beautiful tradition that gives you hope that people from both sides will build a strong relationship.

While following the custom of lighting the unity candle on your big day, you need to consider several things first. What candle will you choose? Will it be a scented candle or a simple one? When will you perform the custom, and where? But most importantly, you need to consider what candle holder will suit you based on your wedding theme. The candle holders are important to prevent your hand from getting burned and your clothes from catching fire.

Wondering which one to choose? Here is some unity candle holder option that you can choose for your wedding.

1. Brass Candle Holder

Taper Unity Candle Holder Set of 2

A brass candle holder works great for long, tapered candles. Some brass holders have a broad bottom that allows you to flip them and keep pillar or tealight candles. Since it has a beautiful hue of brass, you can incorporate it in different settings. Looking for the best brass holder? Opt for taper candle holders and brass candlesticks.

2. Lantern

They act as rustic décor that allows you to display your beautiful candles. Lanterns are great for outdoor spaces. You can hang them or place them on the table after the ceremony. They are generally made from a durable metal frame that helps them withstand all weather.

3. Tealight

floating glass holders for unity candle holder decor

Display several tealight candles with the catchy tealight holder. You can also use these candle holders as centerpieces for small tables. Tealight candle holder can offer you an instant décor upgrade to your space. The best part is that you can find different types of tealight candle holders in the market that you can choose based on your needs. If you are looking for something that complements every color scheme and theme, you can opt for these glass tealight holders set.

4. Metal Pillar Candle Holders

gold metal unity candle holder for pillar candle

Make your simple and elegant pillar candle the focal point of your surface with a trendy pillar candle holder. You can pair them with decorative items like books, plants, or beads for a more exciting look. Dish pillar candle holders that act as a unity candle holder are also a good idea.

5. Wall Scone

They have two functions. Wall scones can be used as wall décor or to hold a candle to create a vintage or modern feel in your space. If you are hosting a wedding in your house, it will be an element of surprise for your friends and family.

6. Candelabra

If extravagant decor is your specialty, display your candle collection with the help of classy and trendy candelabra. As the name suggests, this candle holder is an elaborate arrangement to display your candles with whimsy and elegance.

7. Votive

Do you have votive-size candles? And do you want to display them around the house to spread the beautiful scent? You should opt for votive-sized candle holders to bring a perfect accent and style to your space.

8. Hurricane

Don’t mistake this holder by its name. It’s one of the most cure options you can find in the market. If you have chosen a minimalist wedding design, hurricane holders for unity candles are the best option. They have a sleek and unique appeal and usually have a glass pane big enough to protect the flame but will not clutter your surroundings. Hurricane holders are also trendy, so don’t hesitate to use them.

9. Round Glass Candle Holders

The classic version of the tealight candle holder can be used as a unity candle holder. Due to their glass composition, they don’t hide your candles. Also, based on the type of glass holder, you can place different types of candles in it. The round glass candle holder will allow you to glow up the space and allow your guests to see its beauty from afar.

10. Gold Bowl Candle Holders

Looking for a luxury candle holder? Gold bowl candle holders are the perfect option for you. They are inexpensive and one of the most affordable candle holders, allowing you to save money on them when you already have to pay for other essential wedding expenditures.

11. Taper Candle Holders

Crystal Unity Candle Holder

As the name suggests, they are specially designed to hold taper candles. Since taper candles are thicker near the bottom and thinner at the top, it increases their risk of falling due to their unique shape. Therefore, you need to opt for proper candle holders that can hold such candles upright. It’s best to go for high-quality and durable yet appealing holders like crystal taper candle holders. You can place any size and color of taper candle on these holders, making them an ideal option for your big day.

12. Lyre Candlesticks

Chambersticks are perfect for a wedding. They are the most popular vintage candlesticks and work great for antique-themed weddings. The body of the candle holder itself gives you a look reminiscent of the musical instrument. So, opt for it for your unity candle.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you have multiple unity candle holder options. Pick the one based on your venue, wedding theme, color scheme, budget, etc. Also, consider the color scheme and ambiance of the place of the venue where you can perform the tradition so that your candle holder doesn’t look out of place.

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