Practical Tips For Performing Your First Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is a union of two hearts in love who promise to spend their lives together. If you love each other, why would you think only a judge or a pastor could witness your union? Isn't it romantic if you could officiate your wedding? Is it even possible? Gladly yes! Now you can marry yourself and elope together with your significant other.

Self-solemnizing is the process of marrying yourself, for which you can get a marriage certificate, which is acceptable in almost every part of the world. So, if your audacious and daredevil souls are totally up for an adventure, then let us guide you along for officiating your wedding.Practical Tips For Performing Your First Wedding Ceremony

Why Would You Want to Officiate Your Wedding?

There are many reasons to officiate your wedding, such as :

Financial constraints:

Self-solemnizing weddings are quick and inexpensive, costing just 45 $ for a marriage application. But, of course, it would be best if you have an Id verification, then you are good to go.

Maintaining privacy:

Many couples are low profile and like to maintain their privacy. They love to have a small private union rather than a big massive wedding. So if you both are a hermit or an introvert in love, planning a micro wedding in a friendly, easy-going location would be the best idea to celebrate your love.

Secular lovers:

True love does not need an attestation. It has the power to authenticate its validity. A true union needs no pastor, priest, or judge to rectify how much you love each other and how excited you are to spend the rest of your lives together.

Surprise !!!

If you and your significant other are valorous and love surprises, what's better than getting married in an intimate ceremony and surprising everyone around you! If you have a big family, some would be happy about your big day, and some might condemn everything you do. Let's not ruin this beautiful day by appeasing others.Practical Tips For Performing Your First Wedding Ceremony

The Importance of Pre-Ceremony Preparation

Getting married isn't a piece of cake. Whether you officiate it or have someone to do it for you, it is still not easy. So please make the following preps to enjoy your big day and ensure it is not ruined.

Finalizing guests list:

Another crucial task on the to-do list is finalizing the wedding guests. Since you are officiating your wedding, this depends on who you would like to invite. Let's sit together and jot down the essential guests for your big day. It's a risky business as you dont want to hurt your families and friends, keeping in mind your budget.


Here comes the most tricky part, the food, and when we say the food, it counts as your wedding cake too. People might not remember what you wore at your wedding but would talk for years about the taste and quality of the food at your reception. According to a survey (2018), 59 % of the french spent the most on catering while planning their wedding.

Wedding photographer & DJ:

Every couple has a unique song that reminds them of their beautiful love. How about playing the same music on your big day? A professional wedding photographer would be an asset as who will capture your beautiful moments and make them a cherishable memory of a lifetime? In 2020,85 % of Britons hired professional photographers for their weddings.


Whether a micro wedding or a large reception, a wedding venue must be unique and exquisite. Everyone wants a classy and gorgeous wedding shoot. After all, an average American spends 10,700 $ on booking a venue/reception solely.

Deciding budget:

Even if you officiate your wedding, budget is still a big concern. How much, where and what to spend is the most crucial concern at a wedding. It is advisable to be organized and efficient so money would not come as a big hurdle in your beautiful celebration.Practical Tips For Performing Your First Wedding Ceremony

5 Ideas to Write Your Memorable Ceremony

A wedding is the most beautiful day in everyone's life. We spent half of our lives dreaming and planning for this day and do not want it to be ruined in any way. Therefore, the following preps are suggested to be made to make this elegant day a beautiful memory.

Personal vows:

Lines said by heart are way more intense and pure than a well-crafted poem or a line from the movie. A handwritten vow depicts your love for each other and shows your honor and sincerity.

Have an outdoor wedding

If you are saving up some money for your honeymoon and traveling, then be a little restricted on your budget. Try an outdoor reception for a gorgeous wedding photoshoot. Due to the pandemic, 68 % of Americans served their foods in an outdoor environment to avoid spreading infections.

Ring bearer:

If you are a pet parent, you can replace the ring bearer with your pet to carry rings. The ring bearer does not need to have the rings only. They could even bring your grandmother's bible, any nostalgic toy, or a music box.

Gone but not forgotten :

Are you missing someone who is not here for your wedding day? You cannot bring them back, but you can make them a part of your reception. How about using your mother's dress ribbon to wrap your bouquet or her dress's lace in your wedding veil etc.

Wedding themes:

Make your big day a beautiful memory by assigning a theme to your wedding. Assign any theme close to your heart, your first movie, a favorite color, etc. It's trendy and chic; almost 30 % of the Dutch used a color theme for their wedding (2017).Practical Tips For Performing Your First Wedding Ceremony

Final note

A wedding is a union of two hearts in love. You don't need the whole world to witness your love for each other. Do whatever makes you happy. We hope we have perfectly guided you about officiating your wedding, let us know in the comments below.

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