How to Preserve Wedding Bouquets

The big day is progressing; you're nearly getting there. Wedding bells are about to chime, uniting you and your significant other into one. You almost be done by now with all the preps and backups in case. But did it ever occur to you how you would cherish this moment?

Which part of the wedding you can keep forever and have a look at whenever you want. No! We're not talking about your pictures or videos! How about keeping those beautiful flowers emulating your love for each other? Interesting right? Have you given thought to hold your wedding bouquet? But how to preserve your wedding bouquet?

5 Easy Ways to Preserve Wedding Bouquets Overnight

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Getting married isn't child's play; a couple must look over tons of preps to run this beautiful day smoothly. Nothing can be overlooked when arranging wedding attire, decor, DJ, wedding cake, seating arrangement, wedding rings, gifts for guests, catering, etc.,

Checking on everything is advisable, as one little mistake can ruin your day. So it's highly advised to get all bits and pieces arranged and done beforehand to miss the chance of any blunder. One of the most important things is a bride's wedding bouquet.

A bridal bouquet is a collection of flowers carried by a newlywed bride while she is walking down the aisle. Adding flowers to the wedding ceremony is an ancient tradition since flowers represent fruitfulness and a new beginning. A wedding bouquet carried by a bride is a symbol of the best wishes for her fertility and loyalty toward her groom. If you're a day bride, it is better to arrange a wedding bouquet a day before the wedding to avoid any last-minute mishap. Are you wondering how to retain those flowers' freshness? We've got some nifty perks for you to try for preserving your wedding bouquet.

1. Refrigerate:

Heat is the worst enemy of flowers. If your flowers are delivered to you a day before your wedding, Keep them refreshed and cooled. That can save the flowers from getting saggy and too much open. It's highly preferable to keep them in a refrigerator but if you can't arrange that, then keep them in a cool room. Remove all the plastic and other materials for retaining their freshness.

2. Water:

Flowers are fragile and perishable. To preserve the freshness of your wedding bouquet:

  • Please place them in cool water.
  • If possible, fill a wide-mouth vase with cooled water and put the flowers in it.
  • Preferably, place the vase and flowers in a cooled air-conditioned room to maintain their freshness.
  • Mist them from time to time to retain their color and fragrance. The right amount would be filling the vase halfway with water.
3. Away from sunlight:

    Since you've cooled down your flowers in cool water, a room, or a refrigerator, when you place them outside, keep them away from the sunlight as the heat would kill them. Avoid placing them outdoors first, but keep them in a shade if you have to. Make sure to trim the stems to preserve their freshness.

    4. Use Sugar:

      Sugar increases the flower's freshness and vase life. After a few hours:

      • Change the water on the vase, and keep them in a cool, dry place.
      • Fill the vase with clean water and add two tablespoons of sugar.
      • Trim the stems and place the flowers in the new water.

      5. Use bleach:

        By pouring some drops of bleach into the vase water, you can retain the freshness of the flowers. Surprisingly, bleach keeps the haze away from the water and kills all the bacteria that contaminate your blooms. Use 2-3 drops of bleach in 1 liter of water.

        7 Ideas for Dry Wedding Bouquets

        Dry Wedding Bouquets

        A wedding is a beautiful part of every person's life, an unforgettable day. The day where you meet your other half and begin your new life. What if we could make it an everlasting memory? How about a souvenir of that day? The day you both declared your love for each other and gave yourself away. How about your wedding flowers?

        Have you ever thought about preserving your wedding bouquet? Interesting right? But how you're going to do it? What about your wedding bouquet toss? Of course, you can use a dummy for that, but we've got some solid tips for you to try on. Let's head on to make a surreal memory by preserving your wedding bouquet.

        1. Silica gel:

          Silica sachets are a drying product. The non-porous material is usually found in your shoe boxes or medicines to keep moisture from destroying your products. First, take out flowers from your wedding bouquet you want to preserve. The more, the better. You can use a terrarium, centerpiece, locket, or an ornament to store them. Keep them uptight, pour silica gel on them, and close the air-tight jar. Keep it in a cold and dry place for 10-14 days. It is a commonly used and verified method to preserve your wedding bouquet.

          2. Press to preserve:

            Pressing the petals and flowers to preserve your wedding bouquet is a mystery skill. It gives you a perfect chance to try your artsy skills and a beautiful lifetime memory. You can take out your favorite flowers from the bouquet or use petals or some shrubs if you have a large frame. Display your favorite objects on a newspaper, and cover them well with wax paper. Iron your targeted objects on low heat and press hard on each side of the wax paper. Now carefully remove the wax paper and viola. Use your artistic abilities by framing them!

            3. Let them dry:

              How about playing it simple and using a gorgeous and intricate centerpiece or a fancy decorative glass jar to do the magic? Take your favorite flowers or petals (depending on the size ). Let them dry in the air for a few days. Display them in a gorgeous transparent glass jar and use it as a piece of decoration. Pro-tip, use it with the couple's life-size wedding picture for an exuberant effect.

              4. A dried bouquet:

                If you want your wedding bouquet as it is and you're planning to use it:

                • Remove all the leaves, broken flowers, or rotting petals.
                • Only take the ones you want to preserve, trim the stems and tie them together.
                • Hang them upside down to remove all the bugs and moisture.

                Once completely dried, pour some glycerine into the vase water to retain its color and shape. Keep your bouquet uptight. Bleach will keep your blooms retaining their color and freshness.

                5. Resined bouquet:

                  Now you can frame your favorite flower bouquet by preserving your wedding flowers through the resin. Put your flowers or bouquet in a mold of your choice. Directly pour the resin into the mold, and allow it to get hard. Let the resin play its part by making a wonderful memory for you.

                  6. Starch and freeze:

                    For a stunning display of your favorite flowers. Here is a pro tip, Spray some starch on the flowers you want to preserve. To avoid moisture, put them in a freezer overnight. After three to four months, you'll see the magic. Frame it in your room to cherish this memory and lovely decor.

                    7. Use wax:

                      This method is aesthetically appealing, but it won't be lifelong perseverance. With wax, you can preserve your wedding bouquet for six months only, but it's worth a try. Don't use all your flowers; you can use some(which you like least). Melt the wax in a pot for about 130 °F and dip the flowers in the wax twice. Let the wax set on the flowers, and hold the flowers carefully. When it's dried, please do the same for the stem; this is how it's done!

                      How to Make Fresh Wedding Bouquets Last Longer

                      make wedding bouquet last longer

                      Its generally believed that wedding flowers could be kept refreshed for 7-14 days. After the wedding, if you don't want to preserve your wedding bouquet, then use them. Please pay a visit to a sick relative, use them as a gift for a friend, pay a visit to a deceased relative at the graveyard, or use them as decor. Sort out the flowers you want to preserve and cut the stems of those flowers diagonally.

                      Keep at least a length of six inches long. Put them in a vase filled with lukewarm water, and you can use them for weeks without any fear of being dried out. You can tie them together in a rubber band. Please keep them in a calm and dried place and keep them away from direct sunlight or heat as heat will rot them—Here are eight ways to guide you to preserve your wedding bouquet to last longer.

                      1. Choose Fresh ones:

                        Whenever you choose flowers, either to gift someone or for your wedding, make sure to buy them fresh. Usually, the florist serves fresh ones; you can also use your flowers from your garden.

                        2. Avoid in daylight:

                          Flowers are susceptible to heat, so avoid buying or cutting them midday. The heat would dry them, and you will see them wilt before the time comes. It is better to use them at night while the stems are still wet to retain their freshness.

                          3. Trim the leaves:

                            After cutting the flowers, soak them in cold water or put them in the freezer to retain their freshness. Before putting them in a vase, cut the extra leaves to avoid any bacteria or gems to refrain from the freshness of the flowers.

                            4. Trim the stems :

                              By cutting the stems, flowers can intake more water; hence it helps them keep fresh. But here's the catch:

                              • Try cutting them diagonally with a sharp knife.
                              • Keep the stems at least six inches long.
                              • Please place them in water.
                              5. Use the right vase:

                                Surprisingly one of the most crucial factors in retaining flowers' freshness and increasing their life is the choice of the right vase. A neat, clean, and wide-mouthed vase provide plants pure and germs-free water, improving their lifespan. Make sure to change the water on the vase at the end of the day and remove any dirt, bugs, or extra leaves or petals to prevent the flowers from rotting.

                                6. Amount of water:

                                  Another factor to keep your flowers fresh and healthy is the amount of water. Too much water can drown the flowers, while too little could leave them dried. It is advised to fill the vase halfway up to retain the flower's freshness. Also, the temperature of the water matters; use lukewarm water with bleach to keep the flowers fresh. However, use cold water without any chemicals to keep your flowers fresh.

                                  7. Healthy additions:

                                    Did you know sugary water is perfect for keeping your flowers fresh? Adding sugar to a vase of water is a holy grail for bacteria; they could be up on top of the water. By the way, you should replace that water after two to three minutes. Also, adding vinegar, apple cider vinegar, Lemonade, vodka, etc., can keep your flowers fresh and intact.

                                    8. Right place:

                                      Since flowers are perishable and sensitive to heat, avoid keeping them in direct sunlight or a heated room or environment. Please keep them in a cool, dried place, a cold room, or a refrigerator to retain their freshness and beauty.


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                                      Saying goodbye to your wedding bouquet would probably be the hardest, especially after spending such a hefty amount on the florist and decor. That is why it's pretty standard for people to devise various ideas to preserve their wedding bouquets. Flowers are usually maintained by keeping them in books, hung upside down, or microwaved. But these options leave your flowers moldy, making them lose their color or highly dry.

                                      Our guide explained how to preserve your big day's beautiful flowers forever and tips for retaining their full colors and freshness. We hope our guide has helped you in conserving the eternal token of your love. Which ways have you tried before? Are you going to try any of the methods we've mentioned in our guide? Let us know in the comments below. Happy marriage!

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