What Drinks To Offer At A Wedding?

Every great wedding has a drinking bar. The kind of drinks to offer to your guests is your call. What drinks you plan to provide depends upon your budget, size, and the age list of your guests.

You can't serve all alcoholic drinks at your bar, as there might be some pregnant lady guests or kids at your reception. Fresh juices can be used as the best alternative for alcoholic drinks. Now the question arises, how many should you serve? Let us guide you about some creative wedding drink ideas to make your big day a great party.

9 Wedding Drink Ideas You Haven't Thought Of Yet

A major part of wedding festivities is the drinks. When you plan for your drinks, set aside some pretty handsome cash. You cannot expect your guests to drink only one kind of drink. There will be toasts, an open bar, drinks with a meal, and something to drink while enjoying the wedding. Either summer or winter wedding, here's a little guide about what drinks you can offer at your reception.

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  1. Beer Flight:

A beer flight is an innovative and yummy way to serve your guests. It's a mixture of different kinds of beers, served in various sized glasses. It is poured from 45 degrees angle to make more foam. Serving any shape of the beer flight from horizontal to vertical would be a delicious addition for all.wedding drinks

  1. Fruity Cocktails:

The best drink for a day or summer weddings are fruit cocktails like a watermelon mocktail, blueberry mojito, pineapple rum tea punch, etc. Add a little vodka, fresh lime, basil, and any fresh fruit juice to have the yummiest fruit cocktail.wedding drinks

  1. Spiked Lemonade:

Another mellow addition to a summer wedding bar is spiked lemonade. While you, your significant other, and your family take pictures, your guests can get fresh with this refreshing drink. Add a little vodka or rum to your typical lemonade with grated lemon zest to get a punchy taste of spiked lemonade.

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  1. Soft drink / Non-alcoholic Drinks:

Not all your guests would be alcohol lovers. So you can serve plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for your guest’s e-g kids, pregnant women, people who don't drink alcohol, etc. You can go for various options can be used like fizzy drinks, fruit juices (apple, orange), lemonade, sparkling water, etc.

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  1. Hot Beverages:

Besides refreshing alcoholic drinks and fresh fruit juices, hot beverages are another addition to a cold winter wedding. Adding chai tea, green tea, coffee, and hot chocolate would be a warm welcome for your guests.

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  1. Boozy Slushies’:

Another yummy fruit addition could be alcoholic slushies. Yes, you can taste fruit slush with a little touch of liquor. For example, you can go for the strawberry lemon slush or watermelon vodka slush. All you need is fruit pulp with sugar; ice (of course), a layer of vodka or rum, and lemon juice for a punchy treat.

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  1. Frappe:

Not everyone is a lover of regular hot coffee; you can serve a yummy iced coffee at your bar. We are sure; this will break the record of being the favorite of all, especially kids. How about making a special play area for kids with some cushions, where they could play, sit, relax and drink their favorite Frappuccino.

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  1. Floral Drinks:

Flower cocktails would be a great inclusion at your bar for nonalcoholic lovers. Infusing tea with dried flower petals would make the yummiest and most fresh flower drinks. All the wedding preps will drain your energy, and your body needs something to soothe and relax. Lavender lemon tea would be a great drink for the bride and groom to help them with sore muscles and anxiety.

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  1. Spicy cocktails:

For your spice-lover friends, add spicy cocktails to your bar menu. A raunchy drink with jalapenos, pepper, spice, tequila, and some seasonal fruit juice. Tequilas itself will intensify the heat, so always add it as a base. To balance out the flavor, keep adding slices of jalapenos and keep checking as you don't want your tongue to burn out.

Final Note

A great drinking bar needs huge money. People would talk for years about food and drinks at a wedding—That’s why couples spend more on catering and drinks than other expenditures. In 2020, around ⅓ of Britons spent more money on food and beverages than planned. So while planning for your reception drinks, make sure to cater to your guest's preference.


For example, serve beers if you have more male guests, use champagne if you have older guests, etc. Instruct your caterers or bartenders to act vigilantly. To run the event smoothly, waiters should refill shots for the guests instead of guests serving themselves. It's up to you to have an open bar or a limited open bar. Suppose you can afford it, why not, as the cost of an average open bar is 3,000 $, with a rough approximation of 20% per guest. Of course, you don't get married every day, so spend wholeheartedly. We hope we've helped you in planning your creative and yummiest bar. Which drinks are you planning to offer for your reception? Let us know in the comments below.

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